MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 11

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107. Iron absorption in intestine is

(a) Regulated in accordance to the body՚s need for iron

(b) Depends upon iron excretion

(c) Depressed by gastric secretion

(d) Regulated by stomach

Answer: a

108. Balanced diet is one which

(a) Contain different types of food

(b) Contains all nutrient in adequate amount and proportion

(c) Is sufficient to supply adequate energy to body

(d) Is not deficient in any nutrient

Answer: b

109. A major function of protein in diet is

(a) Body growth and repair

(b) Hemoglobin synthesis

(c) To provide energy

(d) To fight infection

Answer: a

110. Not an essential amino acid

(a) Linoleic acid

(b) Linolenic acid

(c) Stearic acid

(d) Arachidonic acid

Answer: c

111. Rickets is characterized by

(a) Bony deformities

(b) Generalized pain

(c) Stone formation

(d) Marked muscular weakness

Answer: a

112. Glossitis and burning sensation in eye is usually seen in deficiency of

(a) Niacin

(b) Biotin

(c) Riboflavin

(d) Pyridoxine

Answer: c

113. Vitamin A deficiency symptoms include all of the following except

(a) Bitot՚s spot

(b) Generalized body pains

(c) Xerophthalmia

(d) Decreased resistance to infection

Answer: b

114. Not true about essential amino acids

(a) Must be present in diet

(b) Body cannot synthesize them

(c) Are essential for body

(d) Can be obtained from any food

Answer: d

115. Most toxic end product of protein metabolism is

(a) Ammonia

(b) Urea

(c) Ornithine

(d) Arginine

Answer: a