MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 13

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16. Commonest type of synapse in the CNS is

(a) Axo-dendritic

(b) axo-somatic

(c) Axo-axonic

(d) Dendro-dendritic.

Answer: a

17. The normal synaptic delay is

(a) 5 msec

(b) 0.5 msec

(c) 5 sec

(d) 0.5 sec.

Answer: b

18. Following are the components of reflex arc

(a) Afferent

(b) Glial cell

(c) Centre

(d) Efferent

Answer: b

19. Which of the statement is false regarding withdrawal reflex;

(a) It is polysynaptic

(b) Protective reflex

(c) Antigravitational

(d) None of the above

Answer: c

20. Pure motor nerve is

(a) Olfactory

(b) Optic

(c) Vagus

(d) Hypoglossal

Answer: d

21. Thermoregulation is the function of

(a) Parietal lobe of cerebrum

(b) Thalamus

(c) Hypothalamus

(d) Lateral geniculate body

Answer: c

22. Following are the functions of hypothalamus except

(a) Fluid and water balance

(b) Control of feeding and satiety

(c) Temperature regulation

(d) Relay centre for different sensations

Answer: d

23. Voluntary muscle activities are coordinated by

(a) Cerebrum

(b) Spinal cord

(c) Cerebellum

(d) Medulla oblongata

Answer: c

24. The function of cerebellum is

(a) Control voluntary activity

(b) To maintain tone, posture and equilibrium

(c) Regulate body temperature

(d) Relay different sensation

Answer: b

25. Fourth ventricle is present in

(a) Brain

(b) Pituitary

(c) Lymph glands

(d) Heart.

Answer: a