MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 14

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26. Inborn reflex is called

(a) Conditioned reflex

(b) Unconditioned reflex

(c) Superficial reflex

(d) Polysynaptic reflex

Answer: b

27. The reflex acquired by experience is

(a) Polysynaptic reflex

(b) Superficial reflex

(c) Conditioned reflex

(d) Unconditioned reflex

Answer: c

28. True about unconditioned reflex

(a) Transmitted through heredity

(b) Acquired after birth

(c) Is monosynaptic reflex

(d) Typing is an example of it.

Answer: a

29. Withdrawal reflex is an example of

(a) Monosynaptic reflex

(b) Bisynaptic reflex

(c) Asynaptic reflex

(d) Polysynaptic reflex

Answer: d

30. Painful stimuli given to animal results in

(a) Axon reflex

(b) Postural reflex

(c) Stretch reflex

(d) Withdrawal reflex

Answer: d

31. Myelinated fibers differ from unmyelinated fibers in that, former are characterized by;

(a) Conduction is slow

(b) Saltatory conduction

(c) Schwann cells do not wrap the axon

(d) Conduction is a continuous process

Answer: b

32. Which is not a glial cell;

(a) Schwann cell

(b) Microglia

(c) Astrocyte

(d) Oligodendrocyte

Answer: a

33. The type of synapse which is most common in the nervous system;

(a) Axo-dendritic

(b) Axo-somatic

(c) Axo-axonal

(d) Dendro-dendritic

Answer: a

34. The process of formation of myelin sheath is called

(a) Neurogenesis

(b) Myelinogenesis

(c) Agenesis

(d) Dysgenesis

Answer: b

35. The process of degeneration of peripheral nerve distal to the site of injury is termed

(a) Broadmann՚s degeneration

(b) Wallerian degeneration

(c) Marey՚s degeneration

(d) Starling՚s degeneration

Answer: b