MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 15

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36. In spinal cord the dorsal root is sensory and ventral root is motor. The law which states this arrangement is

(a) Laplace Law

(b) Marey՚s Law

(c) Bell- Magendie Law

(d) Weber Fechner Law

Answer: c

37. Nociceptive (pain) stimuli are transmitted by

(a) Pacinian corpuscle

(b) Naked nerve endings

(c) Merkel՚s disc

(d) Ruffini՚s end organ

Answer: b

38. Following are the special sensations except

(a) Pressure

(b) Vision

(c) Olfaction

(d) Taste.

Answer: a

39. Refractive media of eye are following except

(a) Sclera

(b) Cornea

(c) Lens

(d) Aqueous humor.

Answer: a

40. The receptor for audition is

(a) Taste buds

(b) Hair cells

(c) Macula

(d) Photoreceptors

Answer: b

41. Outermost layer of the eye ball is

(a) Choroid

(b) Retina

(c) Sclera

(d) Iris

Answer: c

42. Site of production of aqueous humour is

(a) Iris

(b) Conjunctiva

(c) Choroid

(d) Ciliary body

Answer: d

43. Normal intraocular pressure is

(a) 10 - 20 cm of Hg

(b) 10 - 20 mm of Hg

(c) 5 - 6 mm Hg

(d) 0 - 10 mm Hg.

Answer: b

44. Aqueous humor is absorbed through

(a) Sclera

(b) Ciliary body

(c) Canal of Schlemm

(d) Iris

Answer: c

45. Opacity of the lens is called

(a) Myopia

(b) Glaucoma

(c) Astigmatism

(d) Cataract

Answer: d