MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 16

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46. Deficiency of vitamin A causes

(a) Cataract

(b) Nyctalopia

(c) Hypermetropia

(d) Squint

Answer: b

47. Myopia is corrected by

(a) Concave lens

(b) Convex lenses

(c) Bifocal lenses

(d) Cylindrical lenses

Answer: a

48. The colour of eye is due to

(a) Cornea

(b) Choroid

(c) Retina

(d) Iris.

Answer: d

49. The receptors for vision are

(a) Rods

(b) Semicircular canal

(c) Macula

(d) Crista

Answer: a

50. Scientifically which colour of the eye is best

(a) Blue

(b) Brownish-black

(c) Green

(d) All of the above

Answer: b

51. The receptors for bright light and colour vision are

(a) Cones

(b) Rods

(c) Rhodopsin

(d) Vitamin A

Answer: a

52. Dilator pupillae is supplied by

(a) Sympathetic nerves

(b) Parasympathetic nerves

(c) Visceral nerves

(d) Somatic nerves

Answer: a

53. Visual acuity is greatest at fovea centralis of retina because of all except

(a) Blood vessels and ganglion cells do not cover foveal cones

(b) Only cones are present in the fovea.

(c) Each foveal cone has its own optic nerve fiber

(d) Fovea has a greater surface area than the surrounding retina.

Answer: d

54. The area where optic nerve leaves the retina corresponds to

(a) Macula lutea

(b) Fovea centralis

(c) Blind spot

(d) Ora-serrata

Answer: c

55. In what layer of retina is large store of vitamin A is found

(a) Pigment layer

(b) Outer nuclear layer

(c) Photoreceptor layer

(d) Choroid

Answer: c