MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 17

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56. Following are primary colour of vision except

(a) Red

(b) Green

(c) Yellow

(d) Blue

Answer: c

57. The refractive error in which the image is formed in front of retina is

(a) Myopia

(b) Hypermetropia,

(c) Presbyopia

(d) Astigmatism

Answer: a

58. Passage of light in the eye is controlled by

(a) Cornea

(b) Sclera

(c) Conjunctiva

(d) Iris

Answer: d

59. Endolymph is found in

(a) Synovial cavity

(b) Internal ear

(c) Anterior chamber of eye

(d) Eustachian tubes

Answer: b

60. The muscle of middle ear is

(a) Tensor tympani

(b) Sternocledomastoid

(c) Stapes

(d) Malleus

Answer: a

61. Canal joining internal ear with buccal cavity is

(a) Nasolacrimal duct

(b) Semicircular canal

(c) Eustachian tube

(d) Spinal canal

Answer: c

62. All are ossicles of middle ear except

(a) Stapes

(b) Stapedius

(c) Malleus

(d) Incus

Answer: b

63. A structure not present in middle ear

(a) Membranous labyrinth

(b) Tympanic membrane

(c) Ear ossicles; malleus, incus and stapes

(d) Eustachian tube

Answer: a

64. In a normal person air conduction is

(a) Less than the bone conduction

(b) Both are equal

(c) Better than bone conduction

(d) None is true

Answer: c

65. Sound of minimum intensity which the human ear can perceive is

(a) zero decibel

(b) 20 decibel

(c) 40 decibel

(4) 60 decibel

Answer: a