MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 2

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17. Secretions from parotid are predominantly

(A) Serous

(b) Mucous

(c) Mixed

(d) None of the above

Answer: a

18. Submandibular salivary glands open through

(a) Wharton՚s duct

(b) Duct of Rivinus

(c) Stenson՚s duct

(d) Pancreatic duct

Answer: a

19. Which phase of swallowing is involuntary?

(a) Oral and pharyngeal

(b) Oral and Oesophageal

(c) Only Oesophageal

(d) Pharyngeal and Oesophageal

Answer: d

20. Stages of deglutition includes all except

(a) Buccal phase

(b) Esophageal phase

(c) Pharyngeal phase

(d) Intestinal phase

Answer: d

21. Condition in which lower Oesophageal sphincter fails to relax during deglutition is

(a) Gastritis

(b) Esophagitis

(c) Achalasia Cardia

(d) Peptic ulcer

Answer: c

22. Stomach does not digest itself because

(a) Hydrogen ions are completely neutralized by food

(b) Gastric mucosal cells are not digestible

(c) Mucosa is protected by thick layer of mucous

(d) Mucosal cells remove hydrogen ions out of stomach.

Answer: c

23. Stomach is protected from HCL and Gastric juice because

(a) The two are dilute

(b) The wall has neutralizing agent

(c) Epithelial lining is resistant to them

(d) A thick lining of mucous is present

Answer: d

24. Gastric juice contains

(a) Pepsin, Trypsin and Rennin

(b) Pepsin only

(c) Pepsin, Lipase, Rennin

(d) Pepsin, Amylase, Rennin

Answer: c

25. A large greasy, smelly, pale stool usually indicates failure of digestion of

(a) Fats

(b) Carbohydrates

(c) Proteins

(d) Cellulose

Answer: a

26. pH of gastric juice is

(a) 1 to 2

(b) 5 to 6

(c) 6 to 7

(d) 7.5 to 8

Answer: a

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