MCQ Choice of Question and Answers in Biology Part 5

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47. Liver is the only organ normally involved in

(a) Degradation of hemoglobin

(b) Synthesis of heparin

(c) Synthesis of urea

(d) Conversion of glycogen to glucose.

Answer: c

48. The hepatic cells

(a) Can store vitamins like B12, A, D

(b) Detoxify certain drugs

(c) Converts amino acid into glucose

(d) All of the above

Answer: d

49. What % of liver can be removed without producing ill effects on the body

(a) 40 %

(b) 60 %

(c) 80 %

(d) 100 %

Answer: c

50. Cholelithiasis is

(a) Bile salts and bile pigments

(b) Stone in gall bladder

(c) Substance that causes contraction of gall bladder

(d) Substances that increase biliary secretion.

Answer: b

51. Jaundice is due to

(a) Excessive breakdown of RBCs

(b) Damage to liver cells

(c) Obstruction of biliary tract

(d) All of the above

Answer: d

52. Secretions of liver and bile enter the duodenum through

(a) Interlobular duct

(b) Hepatic duct

(c) Cystic duct

(d) Common bile duct

Answer: d

53. The capacity of gall bladder is around

(a) 500ml

(b) 250 ml

(c) 150 ml

(d) 50 ml

Answer: d

54. Main stimulus for the contraction of gall bladder is

(a) Thyroxine

(b) Cholecystokinin

(c) Gastrin

(d) Secretin

Answer: b

55. Man is unable to digest

(a) Lactose

(b) Dextrin

(c) Glycogen

(d) Cellulose

Answer: d

56. Cholecystectomy is removal of

(a) Pancreas

(b) Liver

(c) Gall bladder

(d) Spleen

Answer: c