Competitive Exams: Commerce MCQs (Practice_Test 6 of 99)

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  1. One of the major disadvantages of the Matrix form of organization structure is that
    1. it does not pinpoint product-profit responsibility
    2. it is not oriented towards results
    3. there is possibility of disunity of command
    4. it generates rivalry between line and staff members
  2. Wider span of control is effective in organizations where
    1. authority delegation is inadequate
    2. tasks are complex
    3. thorough subordinate training scheme exists
    4. the leadership style is authoritarian
  3. Maintenance of intended delegation requires that decisions lying within the individual managers ′ authority should be made by them and not referred upwards in the organizational hierarchy. This is known as
    1. principle of unity of command
    2. scalar principle
    3. authority level principle
    4. principle of absoluteness of responsibility
  4. Management by Exception is to improve
    1. control over personnel
    2. strategic management
    3. steady flow of information
    4. high morale
  5. Job Evaluation is carried on mainly for
    1. identifying geographical locational factors of business enterprise
    2. promoting job satisfaction
    3. simplifying wage administration
    4. meeting competition effectively
  6. Consider the following stages of planned change:
    1. Moving
    2. Refreezing
    3. Unfreezing.

    According to Kurf Lewin, the correct sequence of these is

    1. 1,2, 3
    2. 2,3, 1
    3. 3,1, 2
    4. 1,3, 2
  7. In which one of the following, Crisis Management is reflected?
    1. Future expansion plans of business
    2. Organization Development Programme
    3. Short-term Manpower Planning
    4. Prudent managerial leadership
  8. Which one of the following is the most appropriate task of office management?
    1. Creation of profit centre
    2. Creation of control centre
    3. Making office supplies available
    4. Supervision of production Quality


  9. Which one of the following functions is served most by information technology?
    1. Replacement of human labour
    2. Provision for a handle to the management to improve industrial relations
    3. Substitution of human information processing
    4. Rationalization of office work
  10. The most suitable method of filing for a transnational corporation is
    1. Numerical
    2. Alphabetical Numerical
    3. Numerical Territorial
    4. Territorial
  11. Which one of the following correctly signifies the purpose of an Organization Chart?
    1. Office Decor
    2. Indication of available Office services
    3. Flow of Authority
    4. High Morale
  12. The most important advantage of centralization of office services is
    1. Specialization
    2. higher departmental loyalty
    3. no delay, in providing services
    4. less burden of work
  13. Which one of the following aims is achieved most through Office Record keeping?
    1. Efficiency of operations on shop floor
    2. Business reputation
    3. Storage of documents
    4. Helping decision making
  14. Increase in the installation of Personal Computer is mainly due to
    1. monotony of work
    2. reduction of fatigue
    3. improvement of efficiency
    4. lowering work load
  15. Greater mechanization of offices, results in
    1. better house keeping
    2. greater accuracy in the work
    3. making employees cogs of the machines
    4. higher cost of running office