Competitive Exams: Commerce MCQs (Practice_Test 82 of 99)

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  1. Minimum wages are fixed by the
    1. trade unions
    2. employers
    3. state government merits
    4. Courts of Law
  2. Brainstorming is used by the management for
    1. work allocation on the shop floor
    2. generating alternative for problem solving
    3. the promotion of research and development
    4. training employees
  3. Which one of the following is the oldest form of organization?
    1. Functional organization
    2. Line organization
    3. Line and staff organization
    4. Departmentation
  4. The given chart represents
    1. simple matrix structure
    2. complex matrix structure
    3. decentralization
    4. General manager՚s span of control
  5. Is card indexing system and improvement over simple indexing system?
    1. Yes, because it facilitates location of any name or subject with the minimum of searching as the cards are arranged in an alphabetical order
    2. Yes, because the cards can be arranged in a particular order and the. Order cannot be changed at will
    3. No, because the cards wanted for reference cannot be taken out without holding up the work of recording of information, as the other cards are left behind
    4. No, because the system has a limited capacity for expansion as the number of drawers cannot be increased as desired
  6. Which one of the following is the latest and most form of communication?
    1. Speed post
    2. Telex
    3. Fax
    4. E-mail
  7. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
      • Manual of office procedures
      • In its absence the workload cannot be distributed equitably and full-day՚s work cannot be assigned to different employees
      • Methods study
      • Determine the share of things pertaining to office activities and provide a broad guide to the course of future operation
      • Organizing
      • Undertaken by the office manager in respect of office services only
      • Office policies
      • Compiled for the information and guidance of an office personnel
  8. O & M in office management refers to
    1. operations and management planning
    2. organization and management
    3. office orders and manuals
    4. none of the above
  9. A meeting of the Board of Directors must be held at least once every
    1. two months
    2. two months and at least three such meeting must be held every year
    3. three month and at least four such meeting must be held every year
    4. six months
  10. The power to make cans on shares can be exercised by the
    1. shareholders of the company in general meeting
    2. company secretary on his own
    3. Board of Directors of the company
    4. Managing Directors of the company
  11. One of the important powers that must be exercised by the Board of Directors. And cannot be delegated to a committee or any of the managerial personnel is the power to
    1. issue debentures
    2. take decisions on investment of company funds
    3. make loans
    4. declare dividends
  12. Auditors of a company have to report to the
    1. Board of Directors
    2. Managing Director
    3. institutional investors
    4. shareholders at the annual general meeting
  13. The annual general meeting can be called by the
    1. Company Secretary
    2. Board of Directors
    3. Managing Director
    4. non-executive director of the company 1
  14. Under the companies Act, 1956, the Balance Sheet and Profit and loss account of a company are required to be signed by the manager or the secretary of the company and by how many directors including the Managing Director?
    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. All
  15. Special audit can be ordered by
    1. preference shareholders
    2. the Central Government
    3. SEBI
    4. debenture holders

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