Competitive Exams: Commerce MCQs (Practice_Test 97 of 99)

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  1. Organisation and Methods aim at simplification of office procedures through
    1. elimination of all unnecessary work, minimizes the number of forms and direct communication
    2. elaboration of specific work processes for better implementation
    3. discarding all the records and treating each work on merit
    4. allowing existing procedures to continue without adding an new procedures or amendments
  2. The latest generation of personal computer (PCs) being used in an office set-up is
    1. PC XT
    2. PC Pentium
    3. PC A T
    4. PC 486
  3. Which of the following advantages could be derived from the use of Franking machine?
    1. It saves time because of its speed.
    2. Valuable facts and figures can be obtained.
    3. It is very convenient to use.
    4. It ensures greater accuracy.
      1. 1 and 4
      2. 1 and 3
      3. 1 and 2
      4. 2 and 3
  4. According to the latest guidelines a company cannot issue
    1. both equity and preference shares simultaneously
    2. non convertible debentures
    3. irredeemable preference shares
    4. partially convertible debentures
  5. To enable a company to pay dividends a special authority is
    1. not needed either in the Memorandum or in the Articles
    2. needed either in the Memorandum or in the Articles
    3. needed only in tile Memorandum
    4. needed only in the Articles
  6. A company can invest money in another company only if it is so authorized by its
    1. Memorandum of Association
    2. Articles of Association
    3. Auditors
    4. Company Secretarial
  7. Which one of the following is NOT a feature of a Private Company as per Indian Companies Act?
    1. Limitation on the number of its members
    2. Restriction on the right to transfer its shares
    3. Ban on floating of debentures
    4. Prohibition of any invitation to tile public
  8. According to the Companies Act. Which one of tile following companies can commence allotment of shares even before the minimum subscription is subscribed or paid?
    1. Chartered Company
    2. Private Company
    3. Government Company
    4. Public Limited Company
  9. Which one of tile following types of Companies deals with only its shareholders for their benefit?
    1. Private Limited Companies
    2. Chit Fund Company
    3. Nidhi Company
    4. Banking Company
  10. Which one of the following is known as Registered Capita of the Company?
    1. Paid up capital
    2. Authorized capital
    3. Uncalled capital
    4. Reserve capital
  11. Those companies which can register themselves without the word “limited” under license granted by Central Government are
    1. Private Companies
    2. Charitable Companies
    3. Public Companies
    4. None of the above
  12. Which one of the following reports is to be placed before the Parliament by a Government company?
    1. Director՚s Report
    2. Annual Report
    3. Income Report
    4. Statutory Report
  13. Share premium received by issuing shares call be used for
    1. payment of dividend
    2. issue of bonus shares
    3. remuneration to management
    4. any business purpose
  14. Which one of the following is a joint stock company as per Companies Act, 1956?
    1. A charitable trust
    2. A partnership firm with fixed capital
    3. A society with fixed reserve fund
    4. None of the above
  15. Which one of the following documents is known as Doctrine of constructive notice?
    1. The prospectus of the company
    2. The certificate of commencement of business
    3. The Memorandum and the Article of Association
    4. List of working directors