Model Objective Question for Accountancy Public Work Accounts – Part 5

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Q. Monthly A/C of a PW Division Credits to 8000 GPF is exhibited through Credit Schedule Form CPWA

A. 67

B. 79

C. 40

D. 76

Q. While compiling the monthly Account for the month of Api4l 06 in Public Works Division the Divisional Accountant was intimated by the Auditor compiling Monthly Account that he is not in a position to tally the Monthly Account. What Action Divisional Accountant should take?

A. Issue warning for failure

B. Depute someone else

C. Intimate lo PAD

D. Compile himself

Q. Monetary Value and Quantity Account of stores of a p. w. Division is maintained in

A. priced store vocabulary

B. Priced Store Ledger

C. Contractor՚s ledger

D. Ledger for tools And Plant

Q. Opening balance of cash book of a P. W. Division is maintained in

A. Cheque issued in favour of Divisional officer

B. Bank Drafts

C. Postal Orders

D. Service Postage Stamps

Q. Issue rate of articles borne at the stock of PW Division does not include

A. Handling charges

B. Storage Charges

C. Departmental Charges

D. Carriage and Incident Charges

Q. A Divisional officer is not empowered to make which of the following payments?

A. Works and W. C. Establishment

B. Pay and Allowances of Regular Staff

D. Long term advances

Q. A ‘Consideration’ must necessarily be

A. Only in the future

B. Only in the present

C. Only in the Past

D. Past, Present or future

Q. A promise and its acceptance for a consideration between two cosnpetent parties of their free consent and for a lawful purpose, is a valid contract. Thus consideration is a vital element. However, under certain circumstances omission of consideration does not make the contract invalid. Mark the incorrect answer

A. There is a written agreement registered under law made on account of natural love and affection between the parties standing in near relation

B. There is a promise to compensate a person who has already voluntarily done something for the promisor

C. There is a written promise by the person to be charged there with to pay a debt legally enforceable but for the Law of limitations

D. There is a written agreement between the parties made on account of the then existing love and affection

Q. In a Central PWD the Test Checking of measurements of work done except levels by executive Engineer recorded by the subordinate officers to the extent of specified percentage relates to the

A. Area

B. Volume

C. Monetary Value

D. Number

Q. In a P. W. Division A work was awarded to a contactor Shri Gobind at his tendered account of ₹ 5981426/- which works out to 15 % below the estimated cost of ₹ 7036972/- put to tender. Due to reduction in scope of work, the work executed to ₹ 4881776/-. If the account of earnest money was ₹ 140739/- what shall be the amount of security to be recovered from Shri Gobind if the IST and final bill received for payment

A. 211110/-

B. 103350/-

C. 158332/-

D. None of (a) , (b) or (c)

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