Solutions of Internet Technology and Web Design Most Important Questions 2021 Part 1

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1. Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most appropriate one.

1.1 The facilities available in the internet are

(i) electronic mail

(ii) remote login

(iii) file transfer

(iv) word processing

(A) i, ii

(B) i, ii and iv

(C) i, ii and iii

(D) ii, iii and iv

Answer: C

1.2 Which of the following services use TCP?

(i) DHCP

(ii) SMTP

(iii) HTTP

(iv) TFTP

(v) FTP

(A) i and ii

(B) i, ii and iv

(C) i, iii and iv

(D) ii, iii and v

Answer: D

1.3 A firewall may be implemented in

(A) bridges used in an intranet

(B) routers which connect intranet to internet

(C) expensive modem

(D) user՚s application programs

Answer: B

1.4 What flavour of Network Address Translation can be used to have one IP address allow many users to connect to the global Internet?

(A) Static

(B) Dynamic



Answer: C

1.5 FTP is built on architecture

(A) P2P

(B) IM


(D) client-server

Answer: D

1.6 Mail access starts with client when user needs to download e-mail from the

(A) Mail Host

(B) Mail Server

(C) Mail Box

(D) Internet

Answer: C

1.7 For carrying out C2C E-Commerce the following infrastructure is essential

(i) World Wide Web

(ii) Corporate network

(iii) Electronic data interchange standards

(iv) Secure payment services

(v) Secure electronic communication link connecting businesses

(A) i and ii

(B) ii and iv

(C) i and iii

(D) i and iv

Answer: C

1.8 Which of the following is considered as first web browser?

(A) Nexus

(B) Netscape Navigator

(C) Internet Explorer

(D) Mosaic

Answer: A

1.9 Apart from < b > tag, what other tag makes text bold?

(A) < fat >

(B) < strong >

(C) < black >

(D) < emp >

Answer: B

1.10 What tag is used to display a picture in a HTML page?

(A) picture

(B) Image

(C) Img

(D) src

Answer: C

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