Solutions of Internet Technology and Web Design Most Important Questions 2021 Part 2

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2. Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Identify and mark them accordingly in the answer book.

2.1 The Internet was created by a U. S. military research agency.

Answer: True

2.2 UDP is a connection-orientated protocol.

Answer: False

2.3 A firewall is software and/or hardware that protects a computer or network from intruders.

Answer: True

2.4 A client/server network is a network in which only one computer is a server and provides services to the other computers, which are called clients.

Answer: False

2.5 Extranet is a web within a web.

Answer: True

2.6 You should always open and attachment before saving it.

Answer: False

2.7 E-commerce is not about technology-it՚s about your business.

Answer: True

2.8 Tables can be nested (table inside of another table) .

Answer: True

2.9 You cannot designate an inline image as a hyperlink.

Answer: False

2.10 Can in VBScript, function return multiple values.

Answer: True

3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/word (s) / phrase (s) in column Y.

Table Shows Words and Phrases with Closest Related Meaning
3.1Internet works onA.Not case sensitive
3.2HTML used to createB.FTP
3.3Moving from one website to another is calledC.IBM
3.4TCP/IP is aD.Circuit switching
3.5NetBIOS is developed byE.Browsing
3.6Application-level protocolF.The world wide web consortium
3.7Remote desktop protocol server runs onG.Servers
3.8Remote desktop protocol client runs onH.Routers
3.9The HTML tags are allI.Packet switching
3.10Who is making the web standardsJ.Protocol
K.Web page
M.Case sensitive


Table Shows Correct Words and Phrases with Closest Related Meaning
3.1Internet works onI.Packet switching
3.2HTML used to createK.Web page
3.3Moving from one website to another is calledE.Browsing
3.4TCP/IP is aJ.Protocol
3.5NetBIOS is developed byC.IBM
3.6Application-level protocolB.FTP
3.7Remote desktop protocol server runs onH.Routers
3.8Remote desktop protocol client runs onL.Hosts
3.9The HTML tags are allA.Not case sensitive
3.10Who is making the web standardsF.The world wide web consortium

4. Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word (s) or phrase (s) in the list below.

Table Shows List of the Words or Phrases

4.1 A ________ is a device that connects multiple computers into a network in which multiple communications links can be in operation simultaneously.

Answer: Switch

4.2 A conversation on walkie-talkie is a ________ data flow.

Answer: Half-Duplex

4.3 ________ is used to access and operate a remote computer on a network.

Answer: Telnet

4.4 The port number of E mail is ________.

Answer: 25

4.5 ________ was the predecessor to the internet.

Answer: Arpanet

4.6 The collection of information for communication is known as ________.

Answer: Website

4.7 ________ is the current standard language used to create Web pages.

Answer: XHTML

4.8 A ________ is a device that acts as a smart hub connecting computers into a network, and it also separates yours network from other networks.

Answer: Router

4.9 ________ view shows the page as it would appear in a browser and is primarily used for designing and creating a Web page.

Answer: Design

4.10 ________ view shows the underlying HTML code for the page, but not how it will look on a browser.

Answer: Code

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