Current Affairs Short Questions for Competitive Exams 2021 – Part 7

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24 March 2014

Hindi Writer Govind Mishra to Get Sarawati Samman 2013

Renowned Hindi author Govind Mishra will be given Sarawati honor for the year 2013 for his book “Dhook paudho par” Mishra will be the second Hindi author who will receive this honoafter it was given to Harridans Rai Bachchan in 1991 the book “Dhool paudho par” was publishition 2008 Sarawati Samman is an annual award and is given in recognition of outanding prose or poetry literary works in India. This Samman is given for the literary works of last 10 years the award was established in 1991 by K. K Birla Foundation and carries a prize amount of 10 lakh rupees along with a certificate.

Texas Motor Speedway Unveiled World Largest TV

Big Hoss, the World largest TV, was unveiled for the first time at the Texas motor Speedway in Fort Worth, US Big Hoss was recorded as world largest TV in the Guinness Book of World Records The screen is of 218 feet wide by 94.6 feet tall that means it is fhan a seven story building and longer than Boeing՚s biggest 767 flight In terms of home electronics terms it a 2852 inch TV and display features 20633.34 square feet of HDLED lights that broadcast 4.8 million pixels and trillion colours. The screen is also allegedly ably to handle wind speeds of up to 120 moh and it was built by Panasonic.

25 March 2014

Britain՚s Royal Mail Issued postage stamp On Noor Inayat Khan

Britain՚s Royal Mail has issued a postage stamp of Noor Inayat Khan, World War II heroine of Indian origin, on 25 March she fought fascism and died in the Dachau concentration camp. The stamp issued was a part of a set of 10 stamps in the Remarkable Lives series which honored Noor on her centenary year. Royal Mail commorated Noor with a stamp to ensure that her sacrifice and bravery will not be forgotten other honored

In the set include actor Sir Alec Guinness, poet Dylan Thomas, Kenneth Moore, Joe Mercer, Barbara Ward and Joan Little wood

Jet Airways Acting CEO Ravi Shankar Gopalakrishnan Resigned

Jet Airways՚ acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Ravi Shankar Gopalakrishnan resigned on 25 March Gopalakrishnan took up the post of CFO in the airline in October 2012 and was closely involved in negotiations with Etihad and financial revival of the airline prior to joining Jet Airways, he was executive director & CFO with TVS Capital Funds. Gopalakrishnan Toomey resignation.

26 March 2014

Sebastian Vetttel and Franklin Won 2014 Laureus Sport Awards

Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel (Germany) and American swimming sensation missy Franklin (US) on 26 March won the Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year awards respectively, based ob. their successes in 2013. Sebastian Vettel established himself as one of the greatest drivers of all time with his fourth straight Formula One World Championship, joining legends Juan Manuel Fangio Michael Schumacher and Alain prost, who all won at least four times At just 26 years and 116 days, Vettel is the youngest ever four-time Champion In 2013 he won 13 Grand՚s prix, including a record nine straight victories. Missy Franklin was the sensation of Barcelona, becoming the first woman in history to win six gold medals at a single world Championships – three individual and three relay – at the age of just 18 this followed her performance in the Lindon Olympics where she won four gold medals.

Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban won 2014 pritzker Architecture prize

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has won the 2014 pritzker Architect prize for his contribution to humanity and innovative use of everyday materials. The world ′ s most prestigious architecture award was announced by the Hyatt Foundation The prize will be awarded to 13 June 2014 in Amsterdam the prize has recognized for the first time an architect for his contribution in the area of housing disaster victims. Ban will be the seventh Japanese architect to receive the prize.

27 March 2014

India Officially Declared ‘Polio Free’

India was on 27 March officially declared ‘Polio Free’ by the World Health Organisation India is one of the 11 countries in the South East Asian region which have been certified as being free of the wild polio virus The Union Health Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad received the official certificate at a function in New Delhi This achievement makes the South-East Asia Region the fourth WHO Region to be certified as polio, -free, after the Region of the Americas in 1994 , the Western pacific Region in 2000 and the European Region in 2002.

CERT- In detected Smartphone Virus Dendroid

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) detected a Smartphone Virus called Dendroid. This virus can compromise the data stored on the user՚s phone. If once virus entered into the phone it will intercept SMS which are coming in or going out. This virus is also having the capacity to change the command and control server of the user՚s personal Android phone.

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