Current Affairs Short Questions for Competitive Exams 2021 – Part 8

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28 March 2014

Indian-Origin Student Won UK Twitter prize

Indian-origin Gopal Rao on 27 March won UK Twitter prize the prize was to meet the British Foreign Secretary William Hague and to discuss the preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) . PSVI was launched on 29 May 2012 by William Hague. Gopal Rao, an MBA student at the University of Cambridge, won the accolades from British Foreign Secretary William Hague after winning a Twitter competition which asked a question regarding UK՚s foreign policy

India Successfully Test-fired Nuclear-Capable prithvi II Missile

India on 28 March successfully test-fired it ′ s indigenously developednuclear-capadIe prithvi II missile, with a range of 350 km, from a test range near Balasore as part of a usert trial by the Army. The missile trajectory was trscked by DRDO radars, electro-optical tracking systems and telemetry stations located along the coast of Odisha. Prithvi-II is the first missile to be developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) under the countey ′ s prestigious Integrated Guided Missile Development program and is now a proven technology.

29 March 2214

Norway՚s Stoltenberg Appointed as new NATO chief

Norway՚s ex-PM Jens Stoltenberg has been appointed Nate՚s next secretary general, replacing Denmark՚s Anders Fogh Rasmussen. He will take over as leader of the 28-nation military alliance in October 2014, when Rasmussen steps down after a NATO summit in Wales. Rasmussen has headed NATO the past five years. Stoltenberg was prime minister of Norway at the time of Anders Britvic՚s domb and gun attacks in 2011.

Astronomers Discovered First-ever Miniature PIanet

Astronomers have discovered a miniature PIanet named Charkilo with two rings of ice and pebbles between Saturn and Uranus in the Kuiper Belt. This is the first ever discovery of a

Celestial body with rings like giant planet՚s Saturn and Jupiter Rungs of the discovered celestial body are not more than few hundred meters thick and are only three and seven kilometer wide. The centers of the two rings are 14 kilometer and the gap between them is 9 kilometer the smaller celestial body was discovered by a team of researchers from Niles Bohr Institute. Lt is two billion kilometers out the solar system and has been named as Charkilo.

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