Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 25

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Q. Which country surpassed China as the largest Arms Importer in the World?

Ans. India

According to a report published in March 2012 by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) , India topped China as the largest importer of arms during 2007 - 11 and accounted for 10 per cent of global arms import as compared to Chinese shines share of five per cent

Q. Who is the first Pakistan Prime Minister who convicted for Contempt of Court?

Ans. Yousuf Raza Gilani

The Supreme Court of Pakistan convicted Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani for contempt of court for refusing to reopen corruption cases against President Asif Ail Zardozi

Q. The Fourth BRICS summit was held in:

Ans: New Delhi on March 29,2012

Q. Which is the bill passed by the Lok Sabha to provide royalty to the lyricists?

Ans. The Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2010 Passed on 22nd May 2012

Q. Who won her first World Cup individual recurve gold medal in Archery?

Ans. Deepika Kumari

Q. Who took over as 28th chief secretary of Madhya Pradesh succeeding Avani Vanish?

Ans. R. Parasuram

Q. Which state՚s Chief Minister has demanded law to deal cases of discrimination against northeastern students?

Ans. Meghalaya CM Mukluk Sandman

Q. ISRO recently gave clearance for using which frequency band from satellite for internet on trains

Ans. KU band

Q. Which company bagged the contract for deploying Bharti Airtel՚s 4G network in Karnataka?

Ans. Huawei

Q. Who became the first cricketer to hit 5 consecutive T20 fifties?

Ans. VI render Sehwag

Q. Who won the award in the best Actress category at the London Asian Film Festival (LAFF) 2012 for her film ′ Bol?

Ans. Humaima Malick

Q. Which type of SIM cards are Switzerland based Geo Communications AG launching in India?

Ans. International Mobile Subscriber identity (SIM) cards which allow multiple mobile numbers from different operators on a single card

Q. ent of India. To help clear cane arrears of over ₹ 10.000 crore which commodities exports. Has been let free by Govern a recently?

Ans. Sugar

Q. Which industry in India will celebrate 100 years of its existence in May 2013?

Ans. Indian Film Industry (May 3rd 1913 to May 3rd 2013)

Q. When is Facebook (IPO) set to go public?

Ans. May 18th 2012

Q. When will the phased Base III capital regulation in India be implemented as RBI guidelines?

Ans. January 1st, 2013 (to be fully implemented by March 31st, 2018)

Q. Name the multifaceted personality (a poet, an author or a painter) whose 150th birth anniversary would be celebrated on May 8th 2012

Ans. Rabindranath Tagore

Q. Which sport in Goa will benefit from the Government՚s decision as it will be declared state sport?

Ans. Football

Q. Where in India Archeological Survey of India is planning gallery on Harappan civilization?

Ans. Vadodara, Gujarat

Q. Where in India the 49th Raising Day of the Central Command Was celebrated on 3rd May 2012?

Ans. Cantonment Lucknow

Q. Where in Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (Tidco) is planning to establish Aerospace Park?

Ans. Chennai

Q. Where in Coimbatore, Government has planned to setup cold storage facility for tomatoes?

Ans. Kinnathukkadavu

Q. Which German sportswear maker has planned to shut down 1/3rd of its 900 Reebok stores in India?

Ans. Adidas

Q. Which Kolhapur-based bank is looking at an IPL in 2 years?

Ans. Ratnakar bank

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