Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 26

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Q. Which resource in nuclear reactors will be used for power generation as Government has decided to start construction of 300MW reactor by 2016 - 17?

Ans. Thorium

Q. As Indian Parliament holds special sitting on Sunday to celebrate 60th anniversary, when was India՚s first Parliament session held?

Ans. May 13th, 1952

Q. Which country slapped a fine of $ 80,000 fine on Air India recently?

Ans. US Transportation Department

Q. Which Finance company recently deferred its ₹ 1,665 crore IPO, which opened on May 2nd 2012?

Ans. Smvardhana Mother Son

Q. Name the firm which is planning to build mud cottages in Gir area of Junagadh district

Ans. Swati Infratech Pvt Ltd

Q. In which glacier have geologists discovered hot water from geothermal sources which is nearly 15 degrees arm in pluming40 degree Celsius weather?

Ans. Siachen

Q. Name the Indian who became first Asian-origin UK councilor

Ans. Philip Abraham

Q. Name the Bang ′ scientist whom France jailed for terror plot

Ans. Adlene Hicheur

Q. What value of fund will Asian Development Bank provide to India for 2012 - 2014 for the development of various projects?

Ans. $ 6.25 billion

Q. Name the West Indian cricketer who has set an eye on Bollywood after IPL

Ans. Chris Gayle

Q. Who is elected as Chair of the ADB՚s Board of Governors?

Ans. Pranav Mukherjee

Q. Which country will host the 46th annual meeting of the Asian Development Bank in 2013?

Ans. India in New Delhi

Q. Name the India-origin doctor who the London Assemble (Ealing and Hilling) don Seat?

Ans. Dr. Onkar Singh Sahota

Q. Who is elected as President of France?

Ans. Francois Hollande

Q. Which mobile operator is the biggest of mobile portability (MPN) service in India?

Ans. Idea Cellular

Q. Which 2 Indian women won the 16th Asian Team Squash Championship?

Ans. Johan Chinnappa and Dipika Pallikal

Q. Name the US secretary who is India on visit asking reduce oil imports from lran on the agenda

Ans. Hillary Clinton

Q. Which series of Bollywood actor՚s TV debut got a thumbs up from the Hindi film industry?

Ans. Satyamev Jay ate

Q. Which popular comic is featuring members of Delhi Daredevils Players like VI render Sehwag, lran Pathan and Kevin Petersen?

Ans. Cha-cha Chaudhary in Sabu new comic series

Q. Who was sworn in as Russian president for 2nd time?

Ans. Vladimir Putin

Q. Who won the silver medal at the 3rd International ‘Republic of Kazakhstan President՚s cup’ held in Almaty, Kazakhstan?

Ans. DE vendor Singh

Q. Name the hockey player who died after being hit in the head by the ball during a game in Perth recently

Ans. Elizabeth Watkins

Q. Which movie team is set to open 4-day children՚s Film Festival to be held in Goa from May 11th 2012?

Ans. Gattu

Q. Which state՚s first marine training institute will be operational from August 2012?

Ans. Gujarat

Q. Which state of Jaipur will host first edition of 3-day Fashion Week from 24th May 24th 2012?

Ans. Rajasthan

Q. After completing year post acquisition of Patni Computer which company dropped patni from its brand name?

Ans. IGATE Corporation

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