Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 27

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Q. India՚s finance minister recently scrapped a ‘draconian’ clause under which law?

Ans. Custom law

Q. Red Hat recently setup its R&D centers in which locality outside North America?

Ans. Pune and Bangalore in India

Q. Which PUS acquired 51 % stake in Bharti Axa Mutual Fund?

Ans. Bank of India

Q. Who created national record by winning silver medal at the Altus Track Crew Threwdomn?

Ans. Meet in poonia

Q. Who is appointed as Russian prime Minister?

Ans. Dmitry Medvedev

Q. Name the aircraft carrier and nuclear submerging India is set to get in 2013.

Ans. Admiral Gorchakov and INS Arihant

Q. What was rolled back on realty as excise on gold jewellery?

Ans. Tax Deducted at Source

Q. Where in London a centre dedicated to the life and work of Rabindranath Tagore has been launched?

Ans. Edinburgh

Q. Name the former chairman of Icicle bank and billionaire investor who are re-appointed to the Arcelor Mittal board?

Ans. N. Vague and Wilbur Ross

Q. When was the World Red Cross day celebrated?

Ans. May 8th

Q. Which street is renamed after Roger Federer in Germany?

Ans. Weststrasse renamed as Roger-Federer-Allee

Q. Which cricketer is likely to make an appearance in filmmaker Vidhu Vinod copra ′ s Ferrari Ki saari ′ ?

Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

Q. Lahore based Anoka has planned for 4-day theatre festival to pay tribute to which birth centenarian as on May2012?

Ans. Sadat Hassan Manto

Q. NSG base will be setup in which part of India?

Ans. Gujarat

Q. Which Oscar-winning musician has been conferred with his first American Honorary Doctorate by the Miami University?

Ans. A. R. Rahman

Q. Name the Russian plane which went missing on a demonstration over Indonesia in the area of Mount Salak recently?

Ans. Sukhoi Superjet 100

Q. Name the former Ukraine prime Minister who ended her 20-day hunger strike after claiming that her guards handled her roughly while in prison.

Ans. Yulia Timoshenko

Q. Which sector is likely to get electronic development fund to promote its R&D activities?

Ans. Information Development sector

Q. Denominations above what value should now be machine processed for authenticity by bank branches as per RBI notification

Ans. ₹ 100 and above

Q. Which singer is awarded America՚s highest civilian honour “The Medal Freedom” ?

Ans. Bob Dylan

Q. Who won the Google photography prize 2012?

Ans. Viktor Johansson (A Swedish Student)

Q. What is the name of the Carrie Underwood՚s album released on May 1st 2012?

Ans. Blown away

Q. Which singers were awarded 2012՚s Sweden highest music “The polar Music prize” ?

Ans. Paul Simon and Yo-Yo ma

Q. Which Bollywood actor is starring in the Hollywood movie “The Amazing Spider Spider-man” ?

Ans. Irrfan Khan

Q. Name the bill passed by Rajya Sabha in India to protect children against sexual abuse

Ans. Protection of children Against Sexual offences Bill

Q. Name the bill approved by the Union Cabinet in India to regulate the micro finance industry and bring the micro lenders under the purview of RBI.

Ans. Micro Finance Sector Development and Regulation Bill, 2011

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