Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 28

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Q. Which city in India Leads household penetration of the internet as per Census 2012?

Ans. Gurgaon

Q. Which sporting tournament will be held in Orissa from May to 28th May 2012?

Ans. 66th national Football Championship for Santosh Trophy 2012

Q. How many districts of the border state of Punjab will get clusters food processing industry post United Nation՚s Industrial Development Organization՚s survey?

Ans. 2 districts

Q. AICTE has allowed private engineering colleges to run dual degree programme for bachelor of engineering and master of technology courses in which state recently?

Ans. Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Q. IN which year Moto GP set to make its debut in India?

Ans. 2013

Q. WHO in its International Travel and Health Bulletin 2012 issued a malaria alert to which country recently?

Ans. India

Q. Which society in organizing children s film festival May 11th to 13th 2012 at Maquinez Palace Panaji?

Ans. Entertainment Society of Goa

Q. Which state in India has made ID proof mandatory for pregnant women who undergo ultrasound?

Ans. Haryana

Q. WHO has urged which country to act on Palestinian hunger-strike?

Ans. Israel

Q. Which state announced 500MW gas-fired power plant in its budget session recently?

Ans. Tami Nadu

Q. Who has been named EPL manger of the year?

Ans. Plan Pardew

Q. Which country recently honored over 150 peacekeepers?

Ans. Haiti

Q. Which football sporting event will India bid to host at the FIFA congress in Budapest scheduled for May 24th and 25th 2012?

Ans. Under-17 world cup in 2017

Q. Punjab has recently achieved a record wheat crop produce of what value?

Ans. 120 lakh tones

Q. Which 3 northeastern Indian states will have its own high courts?

Ans. Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya

Q. Jammu and Kashmir Government will set up Development and Management Authority tattoo promote which sport in the state?

Ans. Golf

Q. Where in Kozhikode UL Cyber Park with Special Economic Zone status is built?

Ans. Malabar

Q. Which airline will become first to provide in – flight mobile access in UK? Virgin Atlantic

Ans. Virgin Atlantic

Q. Which country has BCCI allowed to play in Champions League T20 in India?

Ans. Pakistan

Q. Which country՚s president visited India recently?

Ans. Maldivian president Mohammed Waheed

Q. Where and at what cost was The Arcelor Mittal orbit has been built?

Ans. London, amounting to 22.7 million pounds

Q. Name the Indian American who has been named as Chancellor of California

Ans. Pradeep khosla

Q. Where in India “veer Bharat premises” unique museum dedicated to Indian heroes will be setup?

Ans. Bhopal

Q. Name the Venezuelan who won his maiden Formula one Spanish one grand prix 2012

Ans. Pastor Maldonado

Q. Who won the woman single՚s Madrid Masters title 2012?

Ans. Serena Williams

Q. Who won the men single՚s Madrid Masters title 2012?

Ans. Roger Federer

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