Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 29

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Q. Name the companies that Nigeria՚s telecom authority fined a total of 7.3 million dollars for providing poor services to customers

Ans. Bharti Airtel, MTN, Escalate and Glaucoma

Q. Which bank has is ranked 2nd most profitable public sector bank in terms of annual profit for the fiscal year ended March, 2012?

Ans. Bank of Baroda

Q. Who has been appointed as TRAI chairman for a 3 year term?

Ans. Rahul Khullar

Q. Where in India first 2MW solar power plant started functioning?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh

Q. Where was the British World war II fighter plan found recently?

Ans. Egypt desert

Q. Which 3 countries have warned North Korea on further nuclear tests?

Ans. China, Japan and South Korea

Q. Who will temporarily replace Yahoo chief Executive Scott Thompson?

Ans. Ross Levisohn

Q. Which 3 India՚s bank and Insurance Company did credit ratings agency Moody՚s downgrade recently?

Ans. ICIC bank, HDFC Bank Axis Bank and Life Insurance Corporation

Q. Which automobile maker is planning ₹ 1,500 crore plant in Nadu?

Ans. Yamaha

Q. Which Chennai-based hospital became the first in India to receive the ‘halal’ certification from the Halal Development Authority?

Ans. Global Health city

Q. Which company signed a deed with the National Apprenticeship Scheme of Britani to impart software skills training for about 100 youths in Britain?

Ans. Infosys

Q. What is the theme of World Economic Forum which is to be held in between 6th and 8th November 2012?

Ans. From Deliberation to Transformation

Q. Name the Indian who became the youngest to win Asian chess championship

Ans. Primarjan Negi

Q. Which Asian country was invited by NATO to Chicago summit 2nd day of which will focus Afghanistan?

Ans. Pakistan

Q. Name the child actor who acted in movie ‘Paa’ died in the Nepal plane crash recently

Ans. Taruni Sachdev

Q. Name the mass segment vehicle launched by Honda targeting Indian market.

Ans. Dream Yuga

Q. Who won the top player in the English Premier League՚s history?

Ans. Ryan Giggs

Q. Who won the top manager award for the past 20 years in EPL?

Ans. Alex Ferguson

Q. Which 3 North Eastern states will have planetarium by 2013?

Ans. Nagaland Manipur and Johan Assam

Q. Which state will introduce a bill to protect heritage buildings which are not protected by the Archaeological Survey of India or the state archeological department?

Ans. Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu Heritage Commission Bill 20123)

Q. Which country՚s President has been fined $ 17,000 by its electoral authorities for urging his Facebook followers on polling day to vote for him?

Ans. Taiwan (President Ma Ying-Jeou)

Q. In which Junior Asian Cup tournament did India bag Bronze medal recently?

Ans. Hockey

Q. Who will help bring the Olympic flame to Britain along with 5 young Britons as a formal handover ceremony in Athens, London 2012 on 18th May 2012?

Ans. David Beckham

Q. Which company is planning to open ′ mother wood Maternity ′ ; A pea in the Pod ′ and Destination Maternity brands in India?

Ans. Mahindra Retail

Q. Where in India the first store of ‘Destination Maternity’ is opened Mahindra Retail?

Ans. Gurgaon

Q. Which town in Odisha touched 45 degree Celsius on 16th May 2012?

Ans. Sambalpur, Hirakud, Titilagarh, Jharsuguda and Sonepur

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