Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 30

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Q. Which company was allowed by India cabinet to sign a gas purchase agreement with Turkmenistan national oil firm?

Ans. GAIL India Ltd.

Q. Bharati Airtel tied-up for mobile banking services with bank recently?

Ans. Axis Bank

Q. Nomura downgraded which company from buy ‘to reduce’ ?

Ans. Larsen and turbo

Q. Nomura downgraded which company from ‘buy’ to ‘neutral’ ?

Ans. Ashok Leyland

Q. What did Rajya Sabha approve in the Copyright Amendment Bill seeking to remove operational difficulties?

Ans. Address newer issues related to the digital world and worldwide wed

Q. Demand for which language in the 8th Schedule of Indian constitution could be accepted soon?

Ans. Bhojpuri

Q. Expand LAAR Bill.

Ans. Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill

Q. Name the Grammy-winning nicknamed the Queen of Disco passed away after a battle with cancer.

Ans. Donna Summer

Q. What value of swap facility has RBI set up for SAARC nations?

Ans. $ 2 billion

Q. At what value did Facebook IPO open at NASDAQ?

Ans. $ 42.05

Q. Who rang the opening bell remotely of NASDAQ as Facebook made its public debut on 18th May 2012?

Ans. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerderg

Q. Name the NRI who became the first Lord Mayor of Leicester town in UK.

Ans. Abdul Razak Osman

Q. Name the Indian-American who was elected to Sugar Land city of Texas in Us.

Ans. Hiesh Gandhi

Q. Death due to which insect is an accident and is covered under accidental death insurance as per the North District Consumer Forum in India?

Ans. Mosquito

Q. Kerala investor meet was held as a part of build – up towards which event in September 2012?

Ans. Emerging Kerala Conclave

Q. Which rating agency has downgraded Greek banks ratings from B-to CCC?

Ans. Fitch rating agency

Q. How many Spanish banks debt rating have been cut by Moody՚s citing the effects of recession?

Ans. 16 Spanish banks

Q. Name the 73 year old Japanese oldest woman to scale Mt. Everest.

Ans. Tamae Watanabe

Q. Which Mobile E-commerce App was acquired Facebook recently?

Ans. Karma

Q. What is the name of the new version of Android Operating System called?

Ans. Android 5 “Jelly bean”

Q. What is the name of new tool launched by yahoo for online advertisers for their data analytics?

Ans. Genome

Q. Who won the Football Champions League 2012 final match against Bayern Munich?

Ans. Chelsea

Q. Which state Government in the west of India completed year at office?

Ans. West Bengal

Q. Which state Government in South India completed 1 year at office?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

Q. Which India state is now center of spiritual tourism?

Ans. Gujarat

Q. Cyber Defence Research Center came into operation recently in which Indian state?

Ans. Jharkhand

Q. Name the 1st Bangladeshi woman scaled Mt. Everest

Ans. Nish at Majumber

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