Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 31

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Q. Name the Indian British Civil servant who was chosen as president of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Ans. Suma Chakrabarti

Q. Which country will become biggest IT consumer Asia-Pacific surpassing Japan?

Ans. China

Q. Name the 12 years and 9 months old child prodigy from Bhojpuri district in Bihar who created history by cracking IIT – JEE 2012.

Ans. Satyam Kumar of Bakhorapur

Q. Who won the French Moto GP 2012?

Ans. Jorge Lorenzo

Q. One-year of rural posting is made compulsory for which medical course in India?


Q. Name the Indian player won his first ever ATP Challenger singles title 2012

Ans. Yuki Bhambri

Q. Name the asteroid which could come near to earth on 15 February 2013 leading to disruption of geosynchronous satellites

Ans. DA14

Q. Name the 12 year old who has lectured at Harvard and co-written a book America

Ans. Blake Kernen

Q. Name the card that would popularize after Chief General Manager D. V Deshpande for NABARD urged commercial banks to promote it in Bihar

Ans. Kisan Credit Card

Q. Name the former prime Minister who՚s 21st death anniversary was observed in India on 21st May 2012

Ans. Rajiv Gandhi

Q. Which browser over took Internet Explorer to top browser in the world?

Ans. Goo gal chrome

Q. Which country is pressing for global internet governance to the UN committee?

Ans. India

Q. As per the Delhi Registration of Marriages Bill 2012, marriage registration is made compulsory in

Ans. Delhi within how many days of tying the knot?

60 days If exceeds. One has to pay a fine of ₹ 10.000

Q. Which Indian state with over 6 lakh unemployed youths could get an Information and Technology Park?

Ans. Jammu and Kashmir

Q. Name the tower in Dubai UAE which is 413.4 meteres (1,356 feet) high and has 101 story՚s, the

Ans. world՚s tallest residential building princes Tower

Q. Who won the men՚s Rome Masters 2012 for a record 6th time?

Ans. Rafael Nodal

Q. Which act was passed for Sikh organizations recently?

Ans. Anand Marriage Act

Q. What is the changed brand name of West Assam Milk producer՚s Cooperative Union Ltd. (Wamul) milk in the Market?

Ans. Purabi Smart

Q. Name one among the Bee Gees who died recently fighting against cancer

Ans. Robin Gibb

Q. Which city in Rajasthan will be made smoking free?

Ans. Jaipur

Q. Expand ADARSH.

Ans. Association for Development and Research of Sustainable

Q. Expand GRIHA

Ans. Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment

Q. Name the former chief minister of Meghalaya who passed away recently

Ans. Flier Anderson Kho glam

Q. Which state Government in India announced a pension of ₹ , 1,000 per month post?

Retirement and housing scheme for homeless journalists?

Ans. Tripura

Q. Name the deputy prime Minister who quit from Nepal cabinet recently

Ans. Krishna Sit aula

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