Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 32

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Q. Expand PAC.

Ans. Public Accounts Committee

Q. Name the India who became the first prime Minister visit Myanmar after 25 years.

Ans. Dr. Man Mohan Singh

Q. Who won the 66th Santosh Trophy?

Ans. Services against Tamil Nadu (3 - 2)

Q. Which company has warned of Internet blackout on July 9th 2012?

Ans. Google

Q. Which company has invested ₹ 21,000 crore to setup railway wagon and component factory in West Bengal?


Q. Name the tennis player who played his 50th Grand Slam toumament at the French Open 2012.

Ans. Roger Federer

Q. Who won the Monaco Grand prix 2012?

Ans. Mark Webber

Q. Who won the Chennai Open 2012 at the India Squash Academy?

Ans. Joshna Chinnappa (6th title of her career)

Q. Who won the Thomas Cup 2012 title?

Ans. Lin Dan

Q. Which countries recently signed 12 agreements, including a $ 500 million credit line, border area development and air services?

Ans. India and Mayan mar

Q. Where in India 3-day international՚s film festival held from 1st June2012?

Ans. Kolkata

Q. Which film of Raj Kapoor has been added to All-Time 100 list of the greatest made films made since 1923 by Time magazine?

Ans. Aware

Q. Who has been appointed as commerce secretary in India?

Ans. S. R. Rao

Q. Who has been appointed director general of Jammu and Kashmir police? Ashok Prasad

Ans. Ashok Prasad

Q. Which football team has been identified as the world՚s most popular football club by a survey carried out by market research agency, Kantar?

Ans. Manchester United

Q. Expand SFIO.

Ans. Serious Fraud Investigation Office

Q. Which Northeast state got Software Technology Park recently?

Ans. Tripura

Q. Rites Inane was chief operating officer of which BPO company?

Ans. Infosys

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