Competitive Exams Current Affairs Questions Practice Test 34

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Q. When is World Heart day observed every year across the globe?

A. September 28

B. Septemder29

C. September20 Q. To boost India՚s manufacturing sector, version 2.0 is going to be launched of prime minister Narendra Mode՚s ‘Make in India’ initiative. This version is aimed at tuning into people՚s movement on the lines of ________.

A. Cooperation movement

B. Quit India movement

C. Swedish movement

D. None of these

Answer: C

Q. Who has won gold in the men՚s 10m Air Rifle event of the 8th Asian Air Gun Championships hekd at Dr Karin Singh Shooting Range in New Delhi?

A. Gagan Narang

B. Abhinav Bindra

C. Jitu Rai

D. Vivek Singh

D. August28

Answer: C

Q. On World Tourism Day observed on 27th September 2015, government of India announced free entry for tourists to 200 ticketed monuments and museum across India except?

A. Himachal Pradesh

B. Chhattisgarh

C. Bihar

D. None of these

Answer: C

Q. Cental government has decided to increase the reservation to women in all para-military forces to 33 % earlier the participation of Women in all forces remained at

A. 10 %

B. 5.04 %

C. 5 %

D. None of these

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following wrestler has been honored with Arjun Award 2015 for outstanding excellence?

A. Babita Kumari

B. Geeta Phogat

C. Sunil Kumar

D. Yogeshwar Dutt

Answer: A

Q. During PM Narendra Mondi՚s visit to Silicon Valley on 26th-27th September 2015, Google has announced to introduce how many new languages to its Android Operating System?

A. 5

B. 9

C. 11

D. 13

Answer: C

Q. Which British – Indian delivery van driver has been honored with pride of Britain Award?

A. Dee Patel

B. Lee Houis

C. Meet pricks

D. Andrews Seth

Answer: A

Q. Indian Navy has sent which of its missile to take part in Exercise ‘KONKAN 2015’ in order to strengthen ties between the United Kingdom and India?

A. INS Vikrant

B. INS Kolkata

C. INS Vishakhapatnam

D. INS Trikand

Answer: D

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