Competitive Exams: Current Affairs Questions (Practice_Test 4 of 17)

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  1. Apart from ISRO, three other agencies/institutions were also involved in the execution of PSLV-C9. Which of the following was not involved?
    1. DRDO
    2. Antrix Corporation
    3. Cosmos International Germany
    4. University of Toronto, Canada
    5. None of these

    Answer: a

  2. The Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline, slated to begin in 2009 was conceptualised first in:
    1. 1991
    2. 1989
    3. 1985
    4. 1993
    5. None of these

    Answer: b

  3. In addition to Kolkata and Delhi, the Union Government plans to start Metro rail service in four more cities. Which of the following is not included in the plan?
    1. Kochi
    2. Hyderabad
    3. Pune
    4. Chennai
    5. None of these

    Answer: c

  4. President Pratibha Patil recently visited Chile, Brazil and Mexico. During her trip, with which of the following countries did India sign an extradition treaty:
    1. Brazil
    2. Chile
    3. Mexico
    4. None of these
    5. None of these

    Answer: a

  5. In its thirteenth flight PSLV-C9 successfully launched ten satellites with a total weight of 820 kg. Which of the following satellites launched by PSLV-C9 is not a nano satellite?
    1. NLS-4
    2. NLS-5
    3. RUBIN-8A
    4. IMS-1
    5. None of these

    Answer: d

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