Current Affairs Q & a September for Competitive Exams 2015 Part 3

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Q. Telangana government has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with which state government for supply of 1000 MW Power for 12 years?

A. Jharkhand

B. Chhattisgarh

C. Andhra Pradesh

D. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: B

Q. SEBI has slapped its highest ever fine on PACL and its directors. How much is this fine?

A. ₹ 7,259 crore

B. ₹ 7,269 crore

C. ₹ 7,200 crore

D. ₹ 7,234 crore

Answer: B

Q. FMC (Forward markets Commission) has been merged by the government with which of the following?





Answer: D

Q. In case of state-run banks, government has its stake 52 % and above, recently it has decided to bring down its stake to 49 % in which of the following bank?


B. Canara Bank

C. Bank of Maharashtra

D. Vijaya Bank

Answer: A

Q. Which mathematician has been chosen for SASTRA Ramanujan Prize 2015? < /strong >

A. Manjul Bhargava

B. Anand Kumar

C. Dr. Jacob Tsimernan

D. Suresh Vebapally

Answer: C

Q. Recently the Department of Archaeology and Museums has come across massive naturally formed ancient twin caves in

A. Nalgonda district of Telangana

B. Idukki district of Kerala

C. Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh

D. None of these

Answer: A

Q. Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha visited Thailand to strengthen the bilateral defense ties between India and Thailand for a Policy Named:

A. East India Policy

B. Act East Policy

C. Act with policy

D. None of these

Answer: B

Q. Prof. Chandrasekhar pail, a Kannada writer has announced to return his Pampa Award given to him Karnataka government in 2009. What is the reason behind this?

A. he wants a more prestigious prize

B. To protest against the murder of M. M. Kaluga

C. Karnataka govt has said him to do so.

D. None of these

Answer: B

Q. In which district of Andhra Pradesh India՚s first National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ) is going to be set up?

A. Kurnool

B. Guntur

C. Prakash am

D. Kadapa

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following state is note coming under delhi-katra expressway?

A. Haryana

B. Punjab

C. Himachal Pradesh

D. Jammu and Kashmir

Answer: C

Q. Who has/have been presented with the 2015 Global Leadership Award of the US India Business Council (USIBC) , for her/their commitment to driving a more inclusive global economy and their roles as women leaders?

A. Indra Nooyi chairman PepsiCo

B. Shoshanna Bharati, chairperson Hindustan Times Group

C. Shikhar Sharma, MD Axis bank

D. Both A and B.

Answer: D

Q. When is International Day of Peace observed?

A. September 19

B. September 21

C. August 21

D. August 25

Answer: B

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