Electrical Engineering Practice Impotent Questions Part 3

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35-Every chemical element has its own unique type of particle, called its:

A. Molecule

B. Electron

C. Proton

D. Atom

Ans: D. Atom

36-Which of the following can be measured by using Hall՚s effect?

A. Magnetic field intensity

B. Electric energy

C. Electrostatic field intensity

D. Average number of holes

Ans: A. Magnetic field intensity


A. 0.3 volt

B. 0.7 volt

C. 1 volt

D. 0.5 volt

Ans: A. 0.3 volt

38-A solid state detector mainly consists of a

A. Silicon diode

B. Silicon crystal

C. Transistor

D. Germanium Crystal

Ge and Si both are used as solid state detector.

Ans: D. Germanium Crystal

39-The series parallel combination of solar cells is known as:

A. Photo-combination cell

B. Photoelectric cell

C. Photovoltaic array

D. Combination diode

Ans: C. Photovoltaic array

40-A binary digital system deals with quantities or variables which have … discrete values or states.






Ans: C.

41-The ripple factor is … for a half wave rectified sine wave.






42-Who discovered the thermionic emission?

A. Gamows

B. Lee de forest

C. Edison

D. Rutherford

43-In the FET, current flows along a semiconductor path called:

A. Channel

B. Drain

C. Source

D. Junction

Ans: A. Channel

44-Lenz՚s law is a statement of law of conservation … that can be conveniently applied to the circuits involving induced currents.

A. Energy

B. Mass

C. Charge

D. Momentum

Ans: A. Energy