Electrical Engineering Practice Impotent Questions Part 6

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63-Second Cauer՚s form of reactive network synthesis is the successful removal of:

A. Poles at infinity

B. Zeros at Infinity

C. Poles at origin

D. Zeros at origin

Ans: C. Poles at origin

64-If residual magnetism of a shunt generator is destroyed accidently, it may be restored by connecting its shunt field:

A. To earth

B. To an alternator

C. To a battery

D. In reverse

Ans: C. To a battery

65-The lines of force are circular and their direction depends upon the:

A. Voltage

B. Capacitance

C. Current

D. Resistance

Ans: C. Current

66-Commutators of 220 V DC generator have brushes which are generally made of:

A. Copper

B. Electro graphite

C. Graphite copper

D. Carbon copper

Ans: B. Electro graphite

67-When a number of two port networks are connected in cascade, the individual:

A. H-matrices are multiplied

B. Ysc matrices are added

C. Zoc matrices are added

D. Chain matrices are multiplied


68-In hot wire instruments, the sensing wire is made of:

A. Copper

B. Silver

C. Platinum-iridium

D. Copper Nickle

Ans: C. Platinum-iridium

69-The direction of induced EMF during electromagnetic induction can be determined by making use:

A. Lenz՚s law

B. Faraday՚s law

C. Ampere՚s law

D. Laplace law

Ans: A. Lenz՚s law

70-In an inductance AC circuit, the current:

A. Lags the voltage

B. Leads the voltage

C. Is in phase with the voltage

D. Both A and B

Ans: A. Lags the voltage

71-Capacitive susceptance is expressed in terms of:

A. Farads

B. Siemens

C. Micro-farads

D. Ohms

Ans: B. Siemens

72-The impedance value of generator is on a base value of . The impedance value for a base value of MVA is:





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