Electronics Questions Set 2 Competitive Exams

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  • Describe various steps in photo etching Tc fabrication?
  • State and Prove Norton՚s theorem?
  • Classify different types of Oscillators?
  • Mention Barkhausen՚s Criterion of Oscillation?
  • Explain the block diagram of PLL?
  • Write the difference between Closed And Open loop system?
  • What is Positive logic and Negative Logic?
  • State Thevenin՚s theorem & Superposition theorem?
  • What is Multivibrator? Classify them
  • Explain different types of Memory?
  • What are Conditional operators in C?
  • Explain various storage classes in C?
  • Define Characteristic Impedance, Input impedance and Standing Wave Ratio of Transmission line?
  • Write a short note on Logic State Analyzer?
  • Define Numerical aperture and Critical angle?
  • Explain the working of A/D converter?
  • Describe the interrupts in 8085 Microprocessor?
  • Explain the working of LASER & LED in optical fibers?