NTA NET English General Ability Higher Questions and Answers Part 3

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Q. 27 The people decided they were going how much

(P) (Q)

to spend on the construction of the school building

(R) (S)

The correct sequence should be

(a) Q – P – R – S

(b) P – Q – R – S

(c) P – R – Q – S

(d) S – Q – P – R

Q. 28 The man said that those workers would be given a raise

(P) (Q)

Who did not go on strike last month

(R) (S)

The correct sequence should be

(a) P – Q – R – S

(b) P – R – S – Q

(c) Q – P – R – S

(d) R – S – P – Q

Q. 29 I think the members are basically in agreement of the group on the following points

(P) (Q) (R) (S)

The correct sequence should be

(a) R – Q – P – S

(b) S – Q – R – P

(c) P – R – Q – S

(d) P – Q – S – R

Q. 30 While it was true that I had to invest in industry

(P) (Q)

Some lands and houses I did not have ready cash

(R) (S)

The correct sequence should be

(a) P – Q – R – S

(b) P – R – S – Q

(c) S – Q – P – R

(d) Q – P – R – S

Q. 31 But for your help to finish this work it would not have been possible in time

(P) (Q) (R) (S)

The correct sequence should be

(a) P – R – Q – S

(b) S – P – Q – R

(c) R – P – Q – S

(d) P – Q – R – S

Q. 32 The boy in the competition who was wearing spectacles

(P) (Q)

Won many prizes held in our college

(R) (S)

The correct sequence should be

(a) P – Q – R – S

(b) R – P – S – Q

(c) Q – R – P – S

(d) Q – P – S – R

Q. 33 Although I was … of his plans, I encouraged him, because there was no one else who was willing to help.

(a) Sceptical

(b) Remorseful

(c) Fearful

(d) Excited

Q. 34 You have no business to … pain on a weak and poor person.

(a) Inflict

(b) Put

(c) Direct

(d) Force

Q. 35 Her uncle died in a car accident. He was quite rich. She suddenly … all her uncle՚s money.

(a) Succeeded

(b) Caught

(c) Gave

(d) Inherited

Q. 36 There was a major accident plane crashed. The pilot … did not see the lower.

(a) Likely

(b) Probably

(c) Scarcely

(d) Hurriedly

Q. 37 The car we were travelling … in a mile from home.

(a) Broke off

(b) Broke down

(c) Broke into

(d) Broke up

Q. 38 What are … in the kitchen cupboard?

(a) Looking in

(b) Looking on

(c) Looking to

(d) Looking for