NTA NET English General Ability Higher Questions and Answers Part 5

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Passage – II

The functional declines of advancing age are depressing. The ability to pump blood drops about one percent: blood flow to arms and legs decreases by thirty to forty in old age. The amount of air a person can exhale after a deep breath lessens and the chest wall stiffens with age. However, recent studies have shown that most of these age-associated declines can be delayed by exercise. Exercise lowers the resting heart rate and increases the amount of blood with each beat in older people. When stress is placed on bones through exercise, calcium content rises, with the result that resistance to fracture is improved.

Q. 46 Old age is generally a depressing period, because

(a) Old people worry more than others

(b) Old people tend to regret their past

(c) Various organs of the function less efficiently

(d) Old people do Very little work

Q. 47 The strength of bones can be increased by exercise because it

(a) Increases the amount of by the heart

(b) Increases calcium content in bones

(c) Increases the amount of air exhaled by a person

(d) Lessens the stiffness of the chest wall

Q. 48 The word ‘exhale’ means

(a) Breathe in

(b) Breathe out

(c) Breathe slowly

(d) Breathe fast

Q. 49 Which one of the following statements is correct?

(a) Exercise delays natural decay of old age

(b) Old-age problems increase due to exercise

(c) Exercise increases the heart- beat which is dangerous

(d) Exercise creates stress which is harmful to homes

Q. 50 The chest wall becomes stiff in old age, because

(a) The heart՚s ability to pump blood to it drops about one percent

(b) The to various organs decreases

(c) The resting heart rate becomes high

(d) The person՚s ability to exhale sufficient air lessens

Part – B

Q. 51 Statement I:

Coalition in India is always a post-poll phenomenon.

Statement II:

The United Progressive Alliance was formed after the Lok Sabha Election Of 2004.

Q. 52 Statement I:

The Constitution of India liberal Constitution.

Statement Il:

It provides Fundamental Rights to individuals.

Q. 53 Statement I:

In order to create linguistic provinces in India, the Congress Party constituted Motilal Nehru Committee in 1928.

Statement Il:

The Motilal Nehru Committee suggested creation of linguistic provinces in India.

Q. 54 Statement I:

During the day, winds blow from Sea to land.

Statement Il:

The land gets more heated than the surrounding sea, hence lower pressure develops over land as compared to sea.

Q. 55 Statement I:

Winds are deflected to their right in the northern hemisphere and to their left in the southern hemi – sphere.

Statement Il:

The Earth՚s axis is inclined.

Q. 56 Statement I:

Pressure gradients determine the velocity of winds.

Statement Il:

When isobars (lines of equal atmospheric pressure) are closely spaced, the wind velocity would be gentle.

Q. 57 Statement I:

Temperatures Of countries like United Kingdom. Norway, the Netherlands higher as and Denmark are higher as compared to places located on similar latitudes during the winter.

Statement II:

United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands and Denmark located on the Coast

Q. 58 Consider the folio-wing statement and with the help of the code given below the Viceroy who made the statement and when:

In my belief, Congress is tottering to its fall one of great ambitions while in is to assist it to a peaceful demise.


(a) Lord Curzon, in a letter to the Secretary of States in 1900

(b) Lord Curzon, while announcing the partition of Bengal

(c) Lord Dufferin, during the farewell speech at Calcutta

(d) Lord Minto, while addressing the Muslim delegation which met him at Shimla in 1906

Q. 59

Q. 89 Doldrums are characterized by

(a) Uniform Iow pressure

(b) Uniform high pressure

(c) High wind velocity

(d) Low humidity