NTA NET English General Ability Higher Questions and Answers Part 6

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Q. 90 Glaciated regions are associated with

(a) V – shaped valley

(b) U – shaped valley

(c) Sand dunes

(d) Stalactites

Q. 91 Which one of the generally found in rocks?

(a) Basalt

(b) Silica

(c) Shale

(d) Magnesium

Q. 92 The interval between two high tides is approximately

(a) 4 hours

(b) 6 hours

(c) 12 hours

(d) 24 hours

Q. 93 Xerophytes thrive in

(a) Hot and arid condition

(b) Cool and wet condition

(c) Hot and wet condition

(d) Cool and arid condition

Q. 94 Biodiversity is highest in

(a) Tundra zone

(b) Prairie zone

(c) Torrid zone

(d) Tropic zone

Q. 95 Which of the following statements is/are correct?

1. Lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth comes directly between the Sun and the Moon.

2. Solar eclipse happens when the comes directly between the Sun and the Earth.

3. Lunar eclipse takes place when the Sun comes directly between the Earth and the Moon.

4. Solar eclipse happens when the Earth directly comes the Sun and the Moon.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(a) 1,2 and 3

(b) 3 and 4

(c) 1 and 2 only

(d) 2 only

Q. 96 Iron ore from Kudremukh is most likely to be exported through

(a) Goa

(b) Kochi

(c) Mangalore

(d) Ennore

Q. 101 Which part of brain controls fine movement, maintains balance and equilibrium of the body and muscle tone in a human being?

(a) Cerebrum

(b) Thalamus s

(c) Cerebellum

(d) Hypothalamus

Q. 102 Leishmania, the causative agent of kala-azar, multiplies asexually by

(a) Budding

(b) Binary fission

(c) Multiple fission

(d) Sporogony

Q. 103 Administering a vaccine provides protection by inducing synthesis of antibodies (proteins) specific to the vaccine. The cell in the body responsible for antibodies is

(a) GranuIocyte

(b) Lymphocyte

(c) Erythrocyte the production of (red blood cell)

(d) Platelet

Q. 104 Biological catalysts organisms are known

(a) Hormones

(b) Vitamins

(c) Steroids

(d) Enzymes

Q. 105 To which one of the following types of organism do mushrx. ms belong?

(a) Algae

(b) Ferns

(c) Fungi

(d) Lichens

Q. 106 Among the following elements, which one is essential for the transmission of impulses in the nerve fibre?

(a) Calcium

(b) Iron

(c) Sodium

(d) Zinc

Q. 107 Cure to spinal injury is likely to emerge from

(a) Gene therapy

(b) Stem cell therapy

(c) Xenograft

(d) Transfusion

Q. 108 Food wrapped in newspaper is likely to get contaminated with

(a) Lead

(b) Aluminium

(c) Iron

(d) Magnesium