Competitive Exams: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 23 of 31)

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  1. You might as well try to ________ an angry cobra, as to ________ the sergeant when he is in one of his moods.
    1. divert-question
    2. condone-soothe
    3. capture-arouse
    4. placate-pacify
    5. taunt-enrage
  2. In the days of last owner, the stately home was run on a ________ scale; no guest left without remarking on the quality and profusion of food and drink.
    1. lavish
    2. military
    3. reduced
    4. ornate
    5. modest
  3. At that time, it was easy for unscrupulous politicians to ________ poor laborers to attack other workers who came from other states; however, these outbreaks of ________ declined as the economy improved.
    1. persuade-expansiveness
    2. incite-xenophobia
    3. assist-rebellion
    4. pay-philanthropy
    5. suborn-inequity
  4. Scientists have not been entirely successful in ________ fears that genetically modified crops pose a threat to consumers, although the issue does not seem as ________ as it once was.
    1. mitigating-simple
    2. arousing-polemical
    3. allaying-contentious
    4. generating-frightening
    5. subsuming-relevant
  5. The philosopher, divorced from reality, spent his time pondering the infinite, and left the ________ matters of food and clothing to his more ________ wife.
    1. quotidian-erudite
    2. urgent-energetic
    3. numinous-worldly
    4. pressing-alert
    5. mundane-prosaic

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