Competitive Exams: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 28 of 31)

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  1. The new ballet has a (an) ________ setting: The shepherds and shepherdesses glide across the stage against a backdrop of ________ fields.
    1. nondescript-rural
    2. pastoral-verdant
    3. summery-desolate
    4. lamentable-ploughed
    5. imaginative-realistic
  2. The hotel claims that the water in its mock-Roman bath has ________ properties, but some cynics say that the shock of seeing the bill will ________ any improvements to the health of guests.
    1. therapeutic-undo
    2. medicinal-underscore
    3. salutary-sanction
    4. rejuvenating-bolster
    5. chemical-defeat
  3. My mother gave the then unfashionable watercolors that she had painted when she was young to a local ________ because she wanted someone to appreciate them, but now regrets her action as there has been a (an) ________ interest in the medium and a national museum recently approached her to see if she had any to sell.
    1. critic-waning of
    2. collector-continuation of
    3. historian-intensification of
    4. resident-decline in
    5. connoisseur-resurgence of
  4. The fruit՚s ________ exterior belied the contents: The flesh was more ________ than a ripe mango, and had an intense flavor.
    1. intriguing-interesting
    2. gaudy-juicy
    3. colorful-drab
    4. nondescript-succulent
    5. exotic-tender
  5. Against my better judgment I went up into the decrepit attic to search for a mah jong set that had been ________ there for more than forty years, but as I stepped ________ on the beams I couldn՚t help feeling that the ceiling was going to give way under me.
    1. lying-firmly
    2. languishing-gingerly
    3. rotting-athletically
    4. flourishing-tentatively
    5. stored-jauntily

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