Competitive Exams: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 6 of 31)

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  1. Though A is presented to us by the author as ________ fiction, there are none of life-like meanderings of story of B.
    1. realistic
    2. romantic
    3. imaginative
    4. educational
    5. entertaining
  2. There is a general ________ in the USA that our ethics are declining and that our moral standards are ________.
    1. feeling-normalizing
    2. idea-futile
    3. optimism-improving
    4. complaint-deteriorating
    5. outlook-escalating
  3. Homo sapiens, the proud splitter of atom, inventor of electronic computer, ________ of genetic code may be humbled by a lowly ________ of sewers and soils-the microbe.
    1. designer-inhabitant
    2. discoverer-rodent
    3. writer-organism
    4. decipherer-denizen
    5. author-purifier
  4. After centuries of obscurity, this philosopher՚s thesis is enjoying a surprising ________.
    1. dismissal
    2. remission
    3. decimation
    4. longevity
    5. renaissance
  5. The threat of war, far from ________, lay heavily in the air, and the villagers, while ________ going about their normal activities, were unable to shake off the feeling of impending catastrophe.
    1. receding-ostensibly
    2. diminishing-contentedly
    3. increasing-apparently
    4. escalating-joyfully
    5. subsiding-felicitously
  6. Although alarmed by the ________, Professor Symes had no reason to doubt the ________ of his student՚s results, for this student was nothing if not reliable.
    1. conclusions-folly
    2. deductions-impudence
    3. implications-veracity
    4. errors-truth
    5. inferences-invalidity

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