Competitive Exams: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 8 of 31)

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  1. Through the 19th Century, the classics of Western Civilization were considered to be the ________ of wisdom and culture, and an ________ person-by definition-knew them well.
    1. foundation-average
    2. epitome-uneducated
    3. cornerstone-obtuse
    4. font-ecclesiastical
    5. repository-educated
  2. In this biography we are given a glimpse of young man ________ pursuing the path of poet despite ________ and rejection slips.
    1. doggedly-disappointment
    2. tirelessly-encouragement
    3. sporadically-awards
    4. successfully-acclaim
    5. unsuccessfully-failure
  3. All European countries are seeking to diminish the check upon individual ________ which state examinations with their ________ growth have bought in their train.
    1. rights-liberating
    2. liberties-empowering
    3. spontaneity-tyrannous
    4. foibles-inevitable
    5. creativity-soporific
  4. In keeping with his own ________ in international diplomacy, Churchill proposed a personal meeting of heads of government, but the effort was doomed to failure, as the temper of times was ________.
    1. ideas-pluralistic
    2. predilections-inimical
    3. aversions-hostile
    4. impulses-amicable
    5. maxims-salacious
  5. The wall and floor decorations created by Indian housewives are usually ________, remaining hours, days, or at most, weeks before being worn off by human activity or weather and replaced by new ________.
    1. perennial-drawings
    2. ephemeral-designs
    3. trivial-purchases
    4. impermanent-furnishings
    5. innovative-pictures
  6. The subtle shades of meaning, and still subtler echoes of association, make language an instrument which scarcely anything short of genius can wield with ________ and ________.
    1. confidence-aloofness
    2. definiteness-certainty
    3. sincerity-hope
    4. conservatism-alacrity
    5. eloquence-ruthlessness

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