Verbal Section Most Important Questions and Answers Part 1

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Verbal Preparation

  • This course provides extensive practice in test-taking strategies and verbal skills with individual feedback to raise your score on the General Management Admissions Test.
  • The focus of the course is on the Verbal Section, but it also deals with the Quantitative Section to the extent that understanding and responding to those questions depends on language skills

Sentence Completions


Each sentence below has one or two blanks. Each blank shows that something has been omitted. Under each sentence five words are given as choice. Choose the one correct word for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentences as a whole.

1. The fact that the- of confrontation is no longer as popular as it once was - proacts in race relations.

(a) insidiousness - reiterates

(b) practice - inculcates

(c) glimmer - foreshadows

(d) technique - presages

(e) reticence - indicates

Ans: (d)

2. A child should not be - as being either very shy or over - ascensive.

(a) categorized

(b) instructed

(c) intoned

(d) distracted

(e) refrained

Ans: (a)

3. President Anwar el - Sadat of Egypt, disregarding - criticism in the Alab world and in his own Government, - accepted prime minister Menahem Begins invitation to visit Israel in order to address the Israeli parliament.

(a) acrimonious - formally

(b) blemished - stiffly

(c) categorical - previously

(d) malignant - plaintively

(e) charismatic - meticulously

Ans: (a)

4. In his usual - manner, he had insured himself against this type of loss.

(a) pensive

(b) providential

(c) indifferent

(d) circumspect

(e) caustic

Ans: (d)

5. We never believed that he would resort to - in order to achieve his goal; we always regarded him as a - man.

(a) charm - insincere

(b) necromancy - pietistic

(c) logic - honorable

(d) prestidigitation - articulate

(e) subterfuge - honest

Ans: (e)

6. The Sociologist responded to the charge that her new theory was - by pointing out that it did not in fact contradict accepted sociological principles.

(a) unproven

(b) banal

(c) superficial

(d) complex

(e) heretical

Ans: (e)

7. Despite assorted effusion to the contrary, there is no necessary link between scientific skill and humanism, and quite possibly, there may be something of a - between them.

(a) dichotomy

(b) congruity

(c) reciprocity

(d) fusion

(e) generosity

Ans: (e)

8. The most technologically advanced societies have been responsible for the catatest - indeed savagery seems to be indirect proposition to -

(a) inventions - know-how

(b) wars – viciousness

(c) triumphs - civilizations

(d) atrocities - development

(e) catastrophes - ill-will

Ans: (d)

9. Ironically, the party leaders encountered no catater - their efforts to build as Processive Party than the - of the processive already elected to the legislature.

(a) obstacle to - resistance

(b) support for - advocacy

(c) praise for - reputation

(d) threat to - promise

(e) benefit - success

Ans: (a)

10. The simplicity of the theory - its main attraction - is also its - for only by - the assumptions of the theory is it possible to explain the most recent observations made by researchers.

(a) glory - rejecting

(b) liability - accepting

(c) undoing - supplementing

(d) downfall - considering

(e) virtue - qualifying

Ans: (c)