General Knowledge Practice Questions Set 7 for Competitive Exams

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Q. The ‘Saka Samvata’ was started by –

(A) Kanishka

(B) Vikramaditya

(C) Samudragupta

(D) Ashoka

Answer: A

Q. Rearing of silk worm is called ________.

(A) Silviculture

(B) Sericulture

(C) Apiculture

(D) Pisciculture

Answer: B

Q. Cup shaped volcano is called ________.

(A) Crater

(B) Geyser

(C) Caldera

(D) Fiord

Answer: A

Q. What is Gross Domestic product?

(A) Currency acquired by adding Commodity and services

(B) Monetary value of commodities and services produced in an year

(C) Value of upcoming products

(D) Monetary value invested in Indian stock exchange

Answer: B

Q. Who recommended tri-layered Panchayats Raj System in India First of all?

(A) Blatant Rai Mehta Committee

(B) M. L Singhvi committee

(C) Ashok Mehta Committee

(D) Sarkariya Commissions

Answer: A

Q. Which of the following separates Asia from Europe

(A) Kasha՚s Mountains

(B) Andes Mountains

(C) Alpines Mountain՚s

(D) Eural Mountains

Answer: A

Q. Who started the GU rumukhi Script?

(A) Guru Govind Singh

(B) Guru Nanak

(C) Guru Angara

(D) Guru Angara

Answer: D

Q. How many hymns are there in Rig-Veda?

(A) 1028

(B) 1820

(C) 10462

(D) 1280

Answer: A

Q. Which of the following is known as ′ the devil fish?

(A) Pilla

(B) Sepia

(C) Torpedo

(D) Octopus

Answer: D

Q. Which Organisation is related to environmental planning?





Answer: B

Q. ‘Puma Pact – 1932’ is related to which of the

(A) Indian Women

(B) Indian Workers

(C) Indian Farmers

(D) Indian Dalit as

Answer: D

Q. According to Which article Indian parliament can make laws on any subject for the benefit of states?

(A) Article – 239

(B) Article – 247

(C) Article – 249

(D) Article – 251

Answer: C

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