General Knowledge Questions Paper, General Knowledge Questions Paper Part 1

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1. What is the opposite of inflation?

1 Reflation

2 Defilation

3 Implosion

4 Subfiation

2. The annual budget of the government is presented in Parliament:

1 Before the Railway Budget

2 After the Railway

3, Along with the Railway Budget

4 April of ever year

3 The state famous for its backwaters is:

1 Andhra Pradesh

2. Tamil Nadu

3. Wes: Bengal

4. Kerala

4. The state with the largest Hindi population is:

1 Rajasthan

2 Haryana

3 Bihar

4 Madhya Pradesh

5. Negative economic development is called:

1 Recession

2 Regression

6. Which act of Parliament in India regulates the flow of foreign exchange?

1 Foreign Exchange Management Act

2 Foreign Exchange Monitoring Act

3 Foreign Exchange Regulatory Art

4 Foreign Exchange Art of India

7 The national board set up to increase and manage white revolution in India:

1 National Milk fhveloprnent Board

2 National Dairy Development Board

3 Operation Milk

4 Gujarat corporative Milk Board

8. The regulator for stock exchanges in India is:

1 Reserve Bank of India

2 National Share Depository

3 Central Share Depository

4 Securities & Exchange Board of India

9. The Central Bureau of Intelligence detects economic offences through:

1 Economic Intelligence Wing

2 Research & Analysis Wing

3 Intelligence Bureau

4 Economic offences Wing

10. The Prime Minister of India who served earlier as the Finance Minister is:

1 P. V Narnsimha Rao

2. P Chidambaram

3. Manmohan Singh

4 Deve Gowda

11 When Nehru visited a Toqtl, many people weat to see him with a rose in their hands. The strongest reason for it was:

1 Nehru was fond of roses

2 It was the time for roses to bloom,

3 The rose was an auspicious flower for the people

4 There was a famous rose garden in the town

12 “Men are born equal” means:

1 Men, not women are equal

2 All men are equal in all aspects

3 Ail men should treated equally

4 All human beings should have equal opportunities for development of their capabilities

13. Find the one that does not belong to the groups:

1. Mountains

2 Forests

3 Stars

4 Plateaus

14. Find out the next letter of the sequence:

A, F, K,

1 P

2 Q

3 R

4 S

15. “It is better to be late than never” means:

1 Delayed Performance reflects better judgement

2 It is better start a good project others have done it that not to do it at all

3 When delayed thing are done more thoroughly

4 it is better to enjoy than to scarify

16. If 15 horses bags of grain in 15 days in how many days will one horse eat one bag of grain:

1 15 days

2 1 day

3 30 days

4 none of these above

17. How many degrees does a circle contain?





18. A person deposits ₹ 100 in a bank which pays 20 % interest. Compounded half-yearly. How

Much money will be there the account at the end of 1 year?

1. ₹ 123

2 ₹ 121

3 ₹ 122

4 ₹ 123