Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 22

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Q. What is Epigraphy?

(a) Study of coins

(b) Study of old writing used in inscriptions

(c) Study of inscriptions

(d) Study of material remains of the past

Answer: C

Q. Mark out the oldest age from among the following:

(a) Bronze Age

(b) Neolithic Age

(c) Mesolithic Age

(d) Paleolithic Age

Answer: D

Q. Indus civilization belongs to which of the following periods?

(a) Historical period

(b) Pre- historical period

(c) Post- historical period

(d) proton- historical period

Answer: D

Q. Which is the biggest building at Mohan- juror?

(a) Great Bath

(b) Great Granary

(c) Assembly Hall

(d) Rectangular Building

Answer: D

Q. Who among the following named the Indus civilization as the ‘Harappan Civilization’ after the name of the Indus site of Harappa?

(a) Sir M. E. M. wheeler

(b) Dr. S. R. Rao

(c) Sir John Marshall

(d) Dr. Sakhalin

Answer: C

Q. The houses of all the Indus cities, except one, had side entrances. Pick out the particular city in which houses had entrances on the main street?

(a) Chanhudaro

(b) Mohenjo-Daro

(c) Lethal

(d) Kalibangan

Answer: C

Q. Who among the following archaeologists has been claiming that he has successfully deciphered the Indus script, while the others have not accepted his claim?

(a) M. E. M. Wheeler

(b) Gordon Childe

(c) K. M. Srivastava

(d) S. R. Rao

Answer: D

Q. Which of the following races are revealed as the builders of the Indus civilization after anthropological studies of the skeletons found at various Indus sites?

(I) Alpine

(II) Mediterranean

(III) Mongoloid

(IV) proto- Austroloid

(V) Semite

Select in the correct answer from codes below:

(a) All of them

(b) I, III & IV

(c) II, IV & V

(d) I, III, IV & V

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following were the main items of export of Indus people?

(I) Gold and silver

(II) Cotton goods

(III) Terracotta figurines

(IV) Seals

(V) Pottery

(a) II, III, & V

(b) I, III & IV

(c) I, II, IV & V

(d) All of them

Answer: A