Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 25

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Q. Philological studies of different languages have established that Aryans were directly related to the ancestors of some other groups of people. Pick them out from among the following:

1. Persians

2. Chinese

3. Greeks

4. Latin՚s

5. Tetons

6. Celts

Select the answer from the codes below:

(a) All of them

(b) 1 2 3 & 5

(c) 1 3 5 6 & 4

(d) 2 3 5 & 6

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following are the Up Vedas?

1. Shiksha

2. Jyotisha

3. Gandhara

4. Skyla

5. Ayer

6. Danu

Choose the answer from the codes below:

(a) All of them

(b) 1 3 & 5

(c) 3 5 6 & 4

(d) 1 3 4 & 6

Answer: C

Q. The origins of the oldest Indian Medicine, Viz Ayurveda, can be traced back to:

(a) Rig Veda

(b) Your Veda

(c) Atheroma Veda

(d) Same Veda

Answer: B

Q. The origins of Indian Mathematics can be found in the:

(a) Brahmans

(b) Aranyakas

(c) Up Vedas

(d) Upanishads

Answer: A

Q. According to tradition, how many Sanlam՚s were held and where?

(a) Five at Kanchipuram

(b) Four at Tiruchirapalli

(c) Two at Udaipur

(d) Three at Madurai

Answer: D

Q. What is the language of the Sang am literature?

(a) Tamil

(b) Procrit

(c) Pail

(d) Sanskrit

Answer: A

Q. Under whose patronage was the Sang am literature composed?

(a) Cholas

(b) Cheraw

(c) Pandas

(d) Chalukyas

Answer: C

Q. The Tolkkappiyam is a:

(a) Tamil epic

(b) Book of sacrifices

(c) Eulogy of pandas

(d) Book on Tamil Grammar

Answer: D

Q. Which of the following is known as the ‘Bible of Tamil Land’ ?

(a) Silappadikaaram

(b) Murugarruppadai

(c) Tirukkural

(d) Aingurunuru

Answer: D

Q. Who was the founder of the Haryana dynasty?

(a) Ajatasetru

(b) Bindusara

(c) Bimbisara

(d) Kalkaska

Answer: C

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