Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 30

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Q. Which was the only area conquered by Asoka?

(a) Deccan

(b) Kalinga

(c) South India

(d) West India

Answer: B

Q. Which one of the following Brahmans provides us with the first literary evidence about the Andhra՚s?

(a) Satapatha Brahman

(b) Kausitaki Brahman

(c) Aitareya Brahman

(d) Taiminiya Brahman

Answer: C

Q. Who was the founder of the Kava dynasty?

(a) Superman

(b) Vishnusarma

(c) Vasudeva

(d) Vasumitra

Answer: C

Q. Which Saptavahana ruler married the daughter of Rudradaman I, the Saka ruler of western India?

(a) Gautamiputra Satakarni

(b) Gautamiputra Ansari

(c) Ansari Satakarni

(d) Sri Satakarni

Answer: B

Q. Who started the Saka era and when?

(a) Kadphises in 58 B C

(b) Rudradaman I in 78 AD

(c) Vikramaditya in 58 BC

(d) Kanishka in 78 AD

Answer: D

Q. During whose resign did St. Thomas come to India through north- West to propagate Christianity?

(a) Menander

(b) Mega

(c) Gondophernes

(d) Vasudeva

Answer: C

Q. Who among the following were the first to invade and rule over north- western India?

(a) Scythians

(b) Bactrian Greeks

(c) Keshena՚s

(d) Parthians

Answer: D

Q. Meander, also known as Melinda, belonged to which of the following foreign dynasties?

(A) Indo- Greeks

(b) Parthians

(c) Keshena՚s

(d) Sakes

Answer: A

Q. Kharavela, a prominent political figure of the 1st century BC was the ruler of which of the following kingdoms?

(a) Magadha

(b) Amga

(c) Kalinga

(d) Vega

Answer: C

Q. Who among the following lamented that bullion was flowing out of the Roman Empire into India?

(a) Anonymous author of the perilous

(b) Plan, the Elder

(c) Stab

(d) Ptolemy

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following rulers controlled the so- called ‘Silk Route’ and also benefited the most from the revenues it brought?

(a) Parthians

(b) Satauahanas

(c) Keshena՚s

(d) Sakes

Answer: C

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