Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 31

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Q. Artisans and craftsmen came mainly from which of the following ‘varnish’ ?

(a) Vishay՚s

(b) Sutras

(c) Kshatriyas

(d) Panchamavarna

Answer: B

Q. Which region in India dominated the India trade with the Roman Empire?

(a) North- western India

(b) Western India

(c) Eastern India

(d) South India

Answer: D

Q. Which Chinese emperor built the Great Wall of China in about 220 BC?

(a) Wang Hsu Tai

(b) Pyi

(c) Shih Huang Ti

(d) Huang Tsang Ti

Answer: C

Q. Arrange the following dynastic in the historical sequences?

(I) Canvas

(II) Lkshvakus

(III) Satavahanas

(IV) Sunga՚s

Choose the answer from the codes below:

(a) II, III, I & IV

(b) IV, I, II & III

(c) IV, I, III & II

(d) I, IV, II & III

Answer: C

Q. Rudradaman I:

(I) Belonged to the first half of the 2nd century AD.

(II) Was defeated twice by a Saptavahana.

(III) Is credited with repairing the famous Sudarshan lake of Maryann period.

(IV) Issued the first ever long inscription in chests Sanskrit.

(a) All of them are true

(b) I, II & III are true

(c) III & IV are true

(d) I, III & IV are true

Answer: D

Q. Match list I wish list II and select the answer using the codes given below the lists:

Match List 1 with List 2
List IList II
I. Nana hatA. Rudradaman I, the Saka ruler
II. Nasik InscriptionB. Nag Anika, Saptavahana queen
III. Junagadh InscriptionC. Kharavela, the cheat king
IV. Hathigumpha InscriptionD. Balasore, Saptavahana queen- mother
E. Menander, the Indo Greek king

Codes: I II III IV

(a) B C E D

(b) E B D A

(c) B D A C

(d) D B A C

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?

(a) Pataliputra – Keshena՚s

(b) Pathan- Canvas

(c) Purushapura- Satavahanas

(d) Visas – Sunga՚s

Answer: D

Q. Match the following:

Match List 1 with List 2
List IList II
I. TamraliptiA. Indus bash
II. BraganzaB. Bengal coast
III. BarabaricumC. Tamil Nadu coast
IV. SolaraD. Maharashtra coast
V. ArikameduE. Gujarat coast

Codes: I II III IV V

(A) B E A D C

(b) B E A D C

(c) B E D C A

(d) E A B D C

Answer: A