Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 33

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Q. Which of the following statements about Samudragupta campaigns as mentioned in the Allahabad pillar Inscription are true?

(I) The list as given by the inscription includes eight status of Dakshinapatha, Whose rulers were defeated but were reinstated.

(II) It includes the names of eight kings of Aryavarta who were exterminated and whose kingdoms were annexed.

(III) The list also consists of five Border States, nine tribal republics and some forest states, whose rulers were made to accept Gaytan suzerainty either by military action or by coercion.

(IV) Finally the list also comprises Sakes, Keshena՚s and rulers of island states whose territories were annexed by Samudragupta.

Chose the answer from the codes below:

(a) All of them

(b) I, II & III

(c) II & III

(d) III & IV

Answer: C

Q. Arrange the following Chinese Buddhist travelers to India in the historical sequence:

(I) Hymen Tsang

(II) Wang Hymen Tso

(III) It sing

(IV) Fabien

Choose the answer from the codes below:

(a) I, III, II & IV

(b) III, II, IV & I

(c) IV, I, II & III

(d) II, IV, I & III

Answer: C

Q. Arrange the following famous ancient Indian astronomers and mathematicians in the chronological order:

(I) Varahamihira

(II) Bhaskar

(III) Aryabhatta

(IV) Brahmagupta

Select the answer from the codes below:

(a) I, III, IV & II

(b) III, I, IV & II

(c) II, IV, I & III

(d) IV, II, III & I

Answer: B

Q. Match list I wish List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

Match List 1 and List 2
List IList II
I. AryabhattaA. Bright Samiti
II. BrahmaguptaB. Hasty Ayurveda
III. VarahamihiraC. Surya Siddhantika
IV. BhaskarD. Khanna Hadaka
V. PalakapyaE. Siddhantika Shiromani

Codes: I II III IV V

(a) B C D A E

(b) C A E D B

(c) E A C B D

(d) C D A E B

Answer: D

Q. Harsh belonged to which of the following dynasties?

(a) Varmints

(b) Maukharis

(c) Pushyamitra

(d) Pushyabhutis

Answer: D

Q. What was the early capital of Harsher Dhan?

(a) Thanesvar

(b) Kannauj

(c) Mathura

(d) Drayage

Answer: A

Q. Which Chinese Buddhist pilgrim visited Harsh a՚s empire?

(a) It sings

(b) Famine

(C) Hymen Tsang

(d) Wang Hymen Tso

Answer: C

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