Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 35

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Q. Which Chalukyas ruler is said to have sent an embassy in 625 AD to the Persian king Khosla II and also received one from the latter, as depicted in one of the famous Ajanta cave paintings?

(a) Kirtivarman I

(b) Vimaladitya

(c) Pulakesin II

(d) Vimaladitya

Answer: C

Q. Which style of architecture was developed by the Chalukyas of Bandai?

(a) Negara style

(b) Dravidic style

(c) Vasari style

(d) Gourami style

Answer: C

Q. Which Chalukyas town is known as the town of temples?

(a) Aioli

(b) Bandai

(c) Pattadakal

(d) Ajanta

Answer: A

Q. Which pal lava ruler was a contemporary of Sankaracharya?

(a) Mahindra vermin I

(b) Narasimhan vermin II

(c) Nandi vermin II

(d) Dante vermin

Answer: D

Q. Who built the famous Vaikuntaperumal temple at Kanchipuram?

(a) Narasimhan vermin II

(b) Paramesvara vermin II

(c) Nandi vermin II

(d) Aparajita

Answer: C

Q. Who was the author of Dasakumaracharita and at whose court did he live?

(a) Dan din – Nandivarman II

(b) Bavaria- Nandivarman II

(c) Appear- Nandivarman

(d) Andale – Mahendravarman I

Answer: A

Q. Who founded the city of Mamallapuram, also known as Mahabalipuram?

(a) Simhavishnu

(b) Narasimhavarman I

(c) Narasimhavarman II

(d) Paramesvara II

Answer: B

Q. What were ′ ghatikas?

(a) Jain educational institutions

(b) Buddhist cultural centres

(c) Brahmanical institutions for higher studies

(d) Village assemblies in the pal lava period

Answer: C

Q. Who is said to have discovered the monsoon route between India and West Asia?

(a) Strabo

(b) Herodotus

(c) Hippias՚s

(d) Pliny

Answer: C

Q. Who were the first to issue gold coins in India?

(a) Indo- Greeks

(b) Sakes

(c) Parthians

(d) Keshena՚s

Answer: A

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