Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 39

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Q. Who was the last Nawaz of Awadhi?

(a) Wahid Ali Khan

(b) Weir Ali

(c) Sadat Ali

(d) Sadat Khan

Answer: A

Q. Who was the founder of the autonomous state of the Carnatic?

(a) Safari Ali

(b) Dost Ali

(c) Saadutullah khan

(d) Anwar Uddin

Answer: C

Q. Which was the capital of the state of Carnatic?

(a) Trichinopoly

(b) Arco

(c) Srirangam

(d) Tandoor

Answer: B

Q. Who was the English general who defeated Count de Lilly in the battle of Wanda wash in 1760?

(a) General Forde

(b) General Hamilton

(c) General Harris

(d) General Eyre Coyote

Answer: D

Q. When and by which Governor General was the Carnatic state annexed?

(a) 1792 – Lord Cornwallis

(b) 1797 – Sir John Shore

(c) 1801 – Lord Wellesley

(d) 1808- Lord Minot

Answer: C

Q. Who was the first British Governor of Sind?

(a) Sir Charles Napier

(b) Sir John Keane

(c) Sir Henry Lawrence

(d) Robert Montgomery

Answer: A

Q. Who was the Governor General of India when Sind was annexed?

(a) Lord Auckland

(b) Lord Ellen borough

(c) Lord Dalhousie

(d) Lord Harding I

Answer: B

Q. To which place did Mushed Qulin Khan transfer his capital from Dacca?

(a) Kasimbazar

(b) Mangy

(c) Murshidabad

(d) Gaur

Answer: C

Q. Who captured and executed sine – ud- doula after the battle of Plessey?

(a) Imran, the son of Mir Jamar

(b) Robert Clive, the new Governor of Fort William

(c) Mir afar, the new Nava of Bengal

(d) Mir Nasim, the son-in- law of Mir afar

Answer: A

Q. The British organized a conspiracy with several prominent persons to replace Sire – up- date but one of the conspirators later demanded a bigger share of the spoils than original agreed upon, for whose satisfaction Clive is said to have committed the infamous act of forgery?

(a) Manic Chand

(b) Agatha Seth

(c) Rai Durlabh

(d) Gopichand

Answer: D

Q. All the information concerning the so-called Black Hole Episode ′ is found in a single sided account of it by an English man. What is the name of this Englishman?

(a) William Hamilton

(b) John Sunman

(c) Howell

(d) Stephenson

Answer: C

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