Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 47

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Q. Who was the author of the Siyar-ul Mothering, a contemporary historical account of the British conquest of Bengal?

(a) Aric Muhammad

(b) Nasir Husain

(c) Ghulam Husain

(d) Shahabuddin

Answer: C

Q. Manga pandey, who single- handedly revolted against the British on 29th March, 1857, belonged to which unit of the British India Army?

(a) 19th Native Infantry stationed at Berhampur

(b) 34th Native Infantry stationed at Barrackpur

(c) 11th Native Infantry station at Meerut

(d) 24th Native Infantry stationed at Shahjiahanpur

Answer: B

Q. The famous episodes of Chat Singh and Nandi Kumar took place during the Governor Generalship of which of the following:

(a) Lord Hastings

(b) Warren Hasting

(c) Lord Cornwallis

(d) Lord Harding

Answer: B

Q. The first railway line introduced in India during the time of Lord Dalhousie ran between:

(a) Madras & Bombay

(b) Delhi & Calcutta

(c) Bombay & Thana

(d) Calcutta & Agra

Answer: C

Q. Who was the Governor General during the Revolt of 1857?

(a) Lord Dalhousie

(b) Lord Canning

(c) Lord Ellen borough

(d) Lord Auckland

Answer: B

Q. Who founded the Indian Reform Association in 1870?

(a) Ram Mohan Roy

(b) Devendranath Tagore

(c) Kasha Chandra Seen

(d) Ishtar Chandra Vidyasagar

Answer: C

Q. When and where did the Theosophical Society establish its head – quarters in India?

(a) 1882 – Ayer

(b) 1885- Belo

(c) 1890- Avado

(d) 1895- Vellore

Answer: A

Q. Which socio – religious reformer from Maharashtra was popularly known as ′ Lokhitawadi?

(a) Jyoti ba Thule

(b) M. G. Remade

(c) Gopal Hari Deshmukh

(d) G. G. Agarwal

Answer: C

Q. Who among the following was the founder of the Aligarh movement?

(a) Muhammad Iqbal

(b) Abu Kalama Azad

(c) Muhammad Ali

(d) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Answer: D

Q. Who was the Deboned scholar to have played a prominent role in the national IST movement?

(a) Abu Kalama Azad

(b) Muhammad Ali Jinnah

(c) Bedridden Tianjin

(d) Chirac Ali

Answer: A