Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 48

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Q. Who was Sardamani?

(a) Wife of Ram Mohan Roy

(b) Wife of Ramakrishna paramahamsa

(c) Mother of Vivekananda

(d) Daughter of Kasha Chandra Seen

Answer: B

Q. What is the historical sequence of the foundation of the following associations?

(I) Arya Semaj

(II) Tattvabodhini Sabha

(III) Prarthana Semaj

(IV) Ramakrishna Mission

(V) Deccan Education Society

(VI) Indian National Social Conference

Select the answer from the codes below:

(a) III, IV, II, I, V & VI

(b) II, V, IV, VI, I & III

(c) V, IV, II, I, III & VI

(d) II, III, I, V, VI & IV

Answer: D

Q. Which of the following statements about Ram Mohan Roy are incorrect?

(I) His books on Christianity embodied the moral and spiritual precepts of Jesus as well as the narrations of the miracles.

(II) He defended Hinduism and its Vedanta philosophy from the ignorant at tacks of Christian missionaries.

(III) In his Brahma Sahaj meetings, he allowed the Vedas to be read by all non- Brahmins.

(IV) He incorporated the best teachings of other religious as well.

(a) I & III

(b) II & III

(c) III & IV

(d) I & IV

Answer: A

Q. Ram Mohan Roy did:

(I) Campaign against the practice of ‘sati’ and succeed in getting it abolished by the British.

(II) Champion women՚s rights like right of inheritance and property.

(III) Attack polygamy and the degraded condition of widows.

(IV) Fight for the spread of traditional education through the medium of Sanskrit.

(V) Make Bengali the vehicle of intellectual intercourse.

(a) I, II & III

(b) II, III & IV

(c) I, II, III & V

(d) I, III, IV & V

Answer: C

Q. Swami Dayan and did:

(I) Consider the two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, as nothing more than good literary pieces.

(II) Consider the Vedas to be fallible.

(III) Consider the purines to be full of falsehood.

(IV) Oppose idolatry, ritual and priesthood.

(V) Defend caste system based on birth.

(a) I, II & III

(b) II, III & IV

(c) III, IV & V

(d) II, IV & V

Answer: B

Q. Which of the following statements about the ‘Great Split’ in the Arya Sami are true?

(I) It occurred in 1892. Over ′ he question of the system of education to be followed.

(II) The Guru Kula Section advocated the adoption of the ancient system of Hindu education.

(III) The College Section advocated the Spread of English education.

(IV) The Guru Kula Section was led by Lela Lappet Rai and the College Section by Lela Hans Raj.

Select the answer from the codes below:

(a) I, II & III

(b) II, III & IV

(c) I, II & IV

(d) I, III & IV

Answer: A