Important MCQs for History Competitive Exams Part 54

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Q. Who was the Secretary of State for India at the time of the foundation of Indian National Congress?

(a) Lord Morley

(b) Lord Elgin

(c) Lord Hamilton

(d) Lord Cross

Answer: D

Q. Who among the following Viceroys became a victim of one of the convicts during his visit to the Andaman՚s?

(a) Lytton

(b) Ripon

(c) Mayo

(d) Curzon

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following was not an objective of the Indian National Congress when it was founded?

(a) Attainment of complete Independence from the British

(b) Promotion of cordial relations among the nationalist workers from different parts of the country.

(c) Development and consolidation of the feeling of National unity

(d) Formulation of the popular demands and their presentation before the British government

Answer: A

Q. Who are known as the ′ Liberators of Indian Press?

1. Sir Charles Metcalfe

2. Lord Mino

3. Sir Thomas Munro

4. Lord Macaulay

5. Lord Wellesley

Select the correct answer from the codes below:

(a) 1 & 3

(b) 2,4 & 5

(c) 1 & 4

(d) 3 & 4

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following statements about the Albert Bill is/are not true?

1. The controversy around the Albert Bill helped Indian Nationalism to take up an organized form.

2. According to the original bill, an Indian judge could try a Europe also

3. It was passed without any amendment despite the vehement opposition of the British residents in India.

4. The Indians did not organize any campaign in favor of the bill

Choose the answer from the codes given below:

(a) 1 & 4

(b) 2 & 3

(c) 3 & 4

(d) 4 only

Answer: C

Q. Which of the following are correctly paired?

1. Statesman (1875) – Devendranath Tagore

2. National paper (1865) – Robert Knight

3. Tribune (1862) – Dayal Singh Theta

4. Bengalese (1881) – Girish Chandra Ghosh

Choose the answer from the codes below:

(a) 1 & 2

(b) 2 & 3

(c) 3 & 4

(d) 1 & 4

Answer: C

Q. Which codes gives the correct matching of the following lists?

Table of List of Session and It՚s Person
List IList II
A. Second Session of the Congress (Calcutta)1. Pherozeshah Mehta
B. Third Session (Madras)2. Dada Bhai Nairobi
C. Fourth Session (Allahabad) burn3. Sir William Wedded burn
D. Fifth Session (Bombay)4. Bedridden Tianjin
E. Sixth Session (Calcutta)5. George Yule


(a) A-2, B-4, C-5, D-3 E-1

(b) A-2, B-1, C-3, D-4, E-5

(c) A-3, B-2, C-, D-4, E-5

(d) A-1, B-5, C-3, D-2, E-4

Answer: A

Q. Who was the first woman president of the India National Congress?

(a) Sarojini Naidu

(b) Sachet Kripalani

(c) Rajkumari Amrita Kaur

(d) Annie Besant

Answer: D

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